PlayStation 4 is the second best selling console of all damn time. It’s sold 102.8 million systems, g’damn.

playstation 4 second best selling console

The PlayStation 4 is successful, folks. We’ve known that for a minute. But, how fucking successful is it? It’s officially the second best selling console of all time. And? It makes sense. It has an absolute fucking Murderer’s Row of exclusives.

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Sony announces PlayStation 4 livestream event March 25 with new games, new trailers, other miscellaneous hotness

sony livestream event

Sony is skipping E3 this year! But, they’re livestreaming an event this Monday, March 25. What’s gonna be featured? Glad you fucking asked! New trailers, new games, all sorts of happy horseshit. I, for one, am stoked.

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‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Story Trailer: Gonna take more than one fucking Spider-Man to save the city

This game, right? My god, does it ever look fucking fantastic. I was completely sold prior to this story trailer, but a glorious helping of Miles Morales is always welcome.

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The next PlayStation is at least three years away, which bums me out, cause I want MAXIMUM POWER

next playstation three years away

The next fucking PlayStation is three years away? What the fuck! I know, I know I’m a tech whore. But, man. I want the maximum pixel-pushing power! My PlayStation 4 Pro is stru-gg-ling to push something like Far Cry 4 in pseudo-4K. Who knows, though. Maybe we’ll get a PlayStation 4 Pro+ before the big boy PS5 drops?

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‘Spider-Man’ swinging (cheap joke) onto PlayStation 4 this September

spider-man playstation 4 september 7

Hey! A fucking spider-pun! To announce the web-crawler swinging (there it is again, lol~) onto the PS4 this Fall.

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‘God of War’ Story Trailer: Norse Deicide Is Officially Arriving On April 20

Holy fuckGod of War is hitting the PlayStation 4 soon. Like, way soon. Like, April. Man, I had no idea it was dropping with such immediacy, but goddamn I’m stoked.

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Sony has sold more than 70.6 Million PlayStation 4s worldwide. Its console base is legion

sony playstation 4 70 million sold worldwide

The PlayStation is a fucking titan at this point, folks. Sony has sold more than 70.6 million of this motherfuckers, and for good reason. The son of a bitch has an incredible library of exclusives, with a fuckton more on the way.

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‘Elite: Dangerous’ releasing on PlayStation 4 on June 27, space trucker garbage lord here I come

elite: dangerous playstation 4 june 27

I’ve been fixing to play Elite: Dangerous for a good goddamn while. The problem? The snag? The reason prohibiting me from being a complete garbage lord space trucking shit face? The title wasn’t on PlayStation 4. This June! Fuckers! Everything changes.

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PS4 Firmware 4.50 Brings “Boost” Mode For PS4 Pro, Custom Wallpapers, External HD Support

ps4 firmware update 450 boost mode

The PlayStation 4’s 4.50 firmware update is bringing the fucking fire! Specifically, for me, it’s bringing a “Boost” Mode that is going to give pre-Pro titles more processing juice to play with. Frame rate enhancement get! The update is also bringing a litany of other dope things. Finally, finally a fucking firmware update I’m excited for.

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PlayStation 4 Just Had Its Best Three Months, Ever.

playstation 4 sales best three months ever

Console gaming is dead! Or, a stern nah, it ain’t. PlayStation 4 just had its best three months. Ever. Sony ain’t fucking around this generation.

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