‘God of War’ Story Trailer: Norse Deicide Is Officially Arriving On April 20

Holy fuckGod of War is hitting the PlayStation 4 soon. Like, way soon. Like, April. Man, I had no idea it was dropping with such immediacy, but goddamn I’m stoked.

AV Club:

There’s a lot of new stuff packed into the latest trailer for Sony’s upcoming God Of War revival. We already knew the not-quite-reboot would pick up centuries after we last saw Kratos, the angry Greek dude who went on a god-killing rampage after they betrayed him, and would find him settled down in Scandinavia, raising a son and trying to change his ways. We didn’t know what, exactly, would be driving him and the kid into adventure, but alludes to their quest revolving around the son’s inherited demigod status and the conflict and tragedy that comes along with it. It also gives us a peek at how the game will be rendering the fantastical elements of Norse mythology into this barren, snowy world, and it’s looking pretty stunning. Oh, and the game finally has a release date: April 20. (Get your jokes in while you can, folks.)