Phil Lord and Chris Miller directing Ryan Gosling in adaptation of next book from ‘The Martian’ author Andy Weir

phil lord chris miller ryan gosling andy weir space

Gosling! Weir! Space! A lot of fantastic factors being thrown into the next movie by Lord and Miller! The duo are sending Gosling back to space in an adaptation of Andy Weir’s next novel.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Begins Filming, Proclaims Han Shot First In Tweet

han solo movie filming

Man. These guys get it.

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Confirmed: Miles Morales Is Star of ‘Spider-Man’ Animated Film

miles morales animated spider-man movie

Make mine Miles Morales! Prayers heard. ‘Cause. Bro. In the animated Spider-Man movie mine has been made Miles Morales.

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Report: Casting Call Confirms Miles Morales Is Spider-Man In Sony’s Animated Movie

spider-man animated movie miles morales

Make mine Miles Morales! I mean, holy fuck. A Phil Lord and Chris Miller-produced Spider-Man was dope enough. But now it’s starring Morales? Yes please.

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Report: ‘Spider-Man’ Animated Movie will star Miles Morales

Miles Morales.

Holy shit. The Lord and Miller animated Spider-Man movie is going to star my Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more hype for a Lord and Miller project! Here we are.

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‘Star Wars’ spin-off has shortlist of actors to play Young Han Solo

Han Solo

The impossible task of filling the shoes of a Young Han Solo is coming to an end. Or, at least, they’re going to cast Young Han Solo. I don’t know if the actor will be able to fill the shoes. Like I said, impossible.

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Animated ‘Spider-Man’ movie delayed until December 21, 2018

Spider-Man #2.

We are all going to have to wait a bit more for that animated Spider-Man movie. Speaking of which. I had completely forgotten that Chris Miller and Phil Lord are working on an animated Spider-Man flick, to compliment the live action one that Sony is putting out. I probably shouldn’t have though, since I trust Lord and Miller much more than I do the talented on the live-action movie.

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller (‘LEGO Movie’) developing “Serial’ TV show based off podcast

Phil Lord. Chris Miller.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller can pretty much do anything, and I’m there. LEGO Movie21 Jump Street. That upcoming Han Solo movie. And so even though I don’t really *get* what this Serial adaptation is going to be, I’m down. It’s a documentary following the recording of a new season of Serial? Or something?

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Official: ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo movie coming; helmed by ‘LEGO MOVIE’ directors


Holy crap. How do you get me to care about a Star Wars flick about Young Han Solo? In a fucking hurry? Eradicating my reservations? Put the minds behind LEGO Movie in charge of it.

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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller working on ‘Flash’ movie

Phil Lord. Chris Miller.

The fucking geniuses behind LEGO Movie and a litany of other projects are taking their talents to Flashville. And god dammit, I could not be happier with the news. The John Wick dudes, the Lord and Miller combo. Warner Bros. and DC are stocking up on talent.

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