‘Metal Gear Solid V’ finally achieves nuclear disarmament after five-years. At least it’s happening fucking somewhere!

I say, goddamn. Talk about the long game. After five-years, Metal Gear Solid V has achieved nuclear disarmament which triggered a secret cutscene. Shit was done on the PS3, whose player base has dwindled to the point of making it possible. However, still fucking impressive.

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Hideo Kojima isn’t making a new game engine for his next game

hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima, as the title tells ya, isn’t making a new game engine for his next game, the first under his new studio. While there isn’t any denying that the Fox Engine fucking rips, it also took the dude and his squad forever to create. Kojima knows this, and also knows that “forever to create” thing would undermine his other goal: to get his first title out under the Kojima Productions banner more quickly than usual.

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Hideo Kojima was banned by Konami from attending Game Awards

hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima was supposed to show up to the Game Awards. He was supposed to accept an award for Metal Gear Solid V, which is by all accounts his final work on the franchise. ‘Cause, his ass is fireddd!!! #Vince McMahon. But apparently bro couldn’t even do that, because Konami banned his ass from attending the show. The weakest of sauces.

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Hideo Kojima has officially left Konami; his non-compete ends in December


What has long been anything but confirmed has now been confirmed. Hideo Kojima has officially left (or is it “left”?) Konami. But don’t look for him to sit around on his ass long, as his non-compete expires in December. Any thoughts as to where he goes? What he does next?

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Monday Morning Commute: My Detox Is Your Overdose

my detox is your overdose

Ah, autumn. Brings with it apparently the hottest day of the fucking year here in Massachusetts tomorrow. But also! The usual meanderings. Football is back, praise the Elder Ones. School is back, praise the Old Things. And with school being back comes my typical beginning-of-the-semester renunciation of caffeine. To an extent. I’ll level with you — I have to get up at 7 am. And while many call that “normal”, I call that “an hour and forty-five minutes before I’m used to.” With the knowledge that I must RISE~ earlier, I’m trying to scale back my caffeine consumption. So I can go to bed at an earlier time. Let me tell you — I still have enough caffeine in my blood to stop your heart twice over — but goddamn if my skull ain’t pounding. My jaw clenching. My eyes twitching. My detox is your overdose, but I’m going to make it through.

I hope.

Anyways! This here is Monday Morning Commute. That means I’m about to list the various activities, arts, comics, and cool happenings I’m looking forward to this week. After I’m done babbling about my poor choices (though I will admit I’m sweating a couple of things this week v. much), you share own weekly interests.

Let’s do this! With clenched jaws and slightly less prominent heart palpitations!

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Weekend Open Bar: You would *not* believe the deal we got on our digi-afterlife


It’s that glorious time again, comrades. That’s right! That’s correct! That’s precisely it. It’s time to kick-in the doors of the Weekend Open Bar. Flock to our designated *favorite* tables in the musty, dank-ass-air-filled tavern here on the Space-Ship Omega. It’s that glorious time again, comrades. For us to sit around the aforementioned tables, sharing with one another the glory that is the hypothetical weekend. I know some of you have the weekend off. I know that some of you have a long weekend. I know that some of you unfortunately have to work. But whatever your Existent Conditions are here in the OMNIVERSE, I hope you’ll join in the camaraderie.

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Retailer goes to bat for Hideo Kojima in their store’s ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’ promotional materials

Konami apparently running its company like a gulag; cameras everywhere, timed lunches

hideo kojima

Well. Fuck. No wonder Hideo Kojima got fired/got the fuck out of dodge. A man of his sizable personality and auteur-vision certainly wouldn’t fit into the gulag that Konami has become.

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Game Informer’s March Cover = ‘METAL GEAR SOLID V.’


Solid Snake. Naw, that’s not it. Liquid Snake? Don’t think so. What the fuck is Big Boss-Snake called? Phallic Snake? Flaccid Snake? Calling a Metal Gear guru to help me out. While you’re attending to my stupidity, I’ll be basking in the MGS V artwork that is adorning March’s Game Informer.

Hit the jump to join me.

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Rumor: ‘METAL GEAR SOLID 5’ secretly announced at SPIKE VGA. Oh, Kojima!

At the Spike VGA, the game The Phantom Pain was revealed. Ain’t nobody had heard of it, or its developer, and this was a bit of a head scratcher. It is not usual for such a sexy looking entity to come out of nowhere. What if, folks, there was more to this story! What if, that title was actually Metal Gear Solid V? It would be so fucking Kojima, that’s what.

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