The X-Men Comics Line-Up Is Relaunching Next Year!

x-men relaunch

I have largely forgotten about the X-Men comics in recent years. There are myriad reasons: my own personal proclivity for reading non-Big Two comics, my own confusion about the current mythos, and them just being…okay? But Marvel seems to be angling to draw people like me back next year, with a serious, serious line-up relaunch.

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Watch: Super-Cut showcases 50 Years of Comic Book Movies

There’s been a considerable amount of comic book movies released. Each year, these beasts multiply exponentially, consuming more mental bandwidth and pop culture psyche. Here is a super-cut celebrating fifty-years of comic book moviegoing madness.

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Todd McFarlane draws Stan Lee for SDCC edition of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Marvel co-producing an ‘X-Men’ TV series on FOX

X-Men - Days of Future Past.

Marvel is getting into bed with FOX, at least in some manner. It isn’t exactly Wolverine in Infinity War (dammit!), but the two companies are teaming up to bring an X-Men series to the TV channel.

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Leaked: Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Line-Up, including Promo Art


I’m, I’m pretty much done with superhero comic books. I say pretty much because if anything comes out of the box and is generally regarded as “must read” by folks I respect, I’m going to buy it. Ain’t gonna cut my fanboy nose to spite my fat fanboy face. But as far as the monthly procurement policy? Passing. This isn’t a moral stand, or even a condemnation of the titles, just a general apathy from me. This is a long way of saying that I’m not really feeling the Marvel NOW! 2.0 line-up in either way, but I hope it fucking rocks, and gets me to buy me some superhero funny books.

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Marvel announces new series ‘Champions’ featuring its teen heroes


Yeah, man! Futz those old fuddy-duddy teams featuring Grandpa Rogers and Uncle Stark. Marvel’s new collection of teen heroes ain’t got time for them squares! They’re forming their own team, the brash-as-fuckly titled Champions.

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‘U.S.Avengers’ is Marvel’s new ‘Avengers’ squad and its so odd that I’m in


First typical liberal Anarchist response to U.S.Avengers? What is this typical jingoistic garbage? But then I saw Red Hulk rocking sunglasses and a serious amounts of ammo across his chest. I was sold. Like, seriously. What an odd ball group of heroes, what an odd ball idea.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Part 1 and Part 2 will be Retitled


Really? Retitling Avengers: Infinity War’s two parts? Like — they’re pretty straight forward, and sensible. However, the Russo Brothers say the titles are temporary. But hey, I guess it makes sense, if they’re actually different-enough movies. At the same time, though. They’re certainly better than Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: Anthology Tales Time or whatever Lucasfilm is titling their side flicks.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ BTS Photo reveals Panther and Bucky getting close

Official Behind-The-Scenes photo from The Russo BREHS. Totally showing Panther and Bucky getting close, getting to know one another, getting to do this or that or the other thing. Maybe hug. Hug, right?

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Marvel is giving Han Solo his own comic mini-series

Han Solo!

Who the fuck doesn’t want to read a Han Solo mini-series? Like, in the abstract. I’m not asking who is going to buy this mini-series, but rather, who hears this news and is like “Oh, Jesus Christ, no!”? Bastards. That’s who.

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