Marvel reveals new comic series, ‘Vote Loki’, dropping in June

Vote Loki.


Marvel’s capitalizing on the current election cycle with a new comic series, Vote Loki. It may seem like a goddamn disaster to vote for the Asgardian trickster, but he would fit right in with [insert comment about how sad our own current presidential election cycle is is], and he’d still be miles better than [stock Trump winning election quip].

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Marvel announces Steve Rogers is returning as ‘Captain America’

Cap is back!

Steve Rogers ceded the mantle of Captain America to his friend Sam Wilson back in…2014? And now it looks like his friend Wilson isn’t exactly handing Steve back the mantle. More like, sharing it the title? But not the shield!

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Marvel announces Poe Dameron ongoing comic series by Soule & Noto

Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron got himself an ongoing comic book series coming down the pipe, courtesy of Soule and Noto. I don’t know if I’ll be checking it out, cause Christ, I can barely keep up with what I’m “actively reading” these days. But any comic book featuring Phil Noto artwork is tempting.

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Marvel comics promo: “Dead No More”

Dead No More!

Go figure! Someone is coming back from the death. What character could they be resurrecting? Who the fuck knows. I would humbly appreciate a return of Logan, but that is me. How about you?

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Marvel reveals ‘Civil War II’ comic event coming next year; cause movie synergy or something

Civil War II.

Ugh. Just like, ugh. I know that it makes sense for Marvel to run a “Civil War” event next year, during the time that the movie of the same name will drop. But man, as a reader, it just doesn’t do much for me. I understand that the comic books are an idea-factory to come up with concepts for the movies, but sometimes you just don’t want to see the machinery in such stark relief.

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‘Daredevil’ Season 2 NYCC Trailer: Guilt Can Be A Good Thing

Praise the Lord, the (Dare)devil is back! This trailer is more than enough to make the already unbearable wait for the second season of Daredevil even more interminable. Can’t wait. For those unwilling to wait through the S1 sizzle reel, the good shit starts around 1:30.

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Marvel announces ‘Black Widow’ ongoing comic from full ‘Daredevil’ creative team

Black Widow.

The much cherished Daredevil creative team is turning their eyes on the Blackest of Widows. Waid, Samnee, Wilson, and Caramagna will be bringing their talents to the super spy’s next ongoing comic.

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Mary Jane Watson joining Bendis’ ‘Invincible Iron Man’ supporting cast

Mary Jane.

Mary Jane Watson is joining the pages of…Invincible Iron Man? Hey. I don’t know. It could be cool. Marvel certainly seems to be shuffling around the status quo post-Secret Wars, and there’s every chance the new deck (is this metaphor crumbling?) could be dope. What do you think.

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New ‘The Totally Awesome Hulk’ teaser has the green guy wearing a bandana. Iron Hulk? Hulk Fist?

'Totally Awesome Hulk'

Is the new Hulk going to be Iron Fist? Or is the Hulk rocking Logan’s sweet ass Pirate Mask from back when the Canadian Berserker rejected his adamantium? What do you think? I’ve been following the MU so sparsely outside of Secret Wars that I frankly don’t have a fucking clue.

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Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars’ event is expanding to nine issues

Secret Wars #9.

Marvel’s Secret Wars is never going to end. Or so it seems. It’s up to nine issues, and the final one ain’t dropping until December. But that’s okay, cause I’m digging the fuck out of this event.

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