New ‘The Totally Awesome Hulk’ teaser has the green guy wearing a bandana. Iron Hulk? Hulk Fist?

'Totally Awesome Hulk'

Is the new Hulk going to be Iron Fist? Or is the Hulk rocking Logan’s sweet ass Pirate Mask from back when the Canadian Berserker rejected his adamantium? What do you think? I’ve been following the MU so sparsely outside of Secret Wars that I frankly don’t have a fucking clue.


Here’s what’s publicly known about upcoming new Marvel series “Totally Awesome Hulk”: It’s from writer Greg Pak and artist Frank Cho. It’ll start later this year as part of the post-“Secret Wars” “All-New, All-Different Marvel” lineup. And the Hulk won’t be Bruce Banner.

Here’s what we don’t know about it: Just who the Hulk is in this new series.

It’s a deliberate mystery, and one that’s promised to be revealed early in the book’s run — but for now, Marvel is fanning the flames of speculation with a new teaser, one that alters the previously released “Totally Awesome Hulk” art with a new head, one that suggests an Iron Fist-esque persona behind the new Hulk — which, by Marvel putting it out there, probably means the Totally Awesome Hulk is anyone but Iron Fist (or is that just what they want us to think?).