NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Has Flown On Mars. Fucking Flown On Mars!

nasa ingenuity helicopter flown on mars

Good goddamn, motherfuckers! We have flown on Mars! Flown on Mars! NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter flew today, and I’ll be stoked because of it for the rest of the day.

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Space Swoon: Mars got itself some glorious, beautiful blue dunes

nasa mars blue sand dunes

Ya’ll want Dune? Gonna have to wait. Ya’ll want a picture of Mars’ bright blue sand dunes courtesy of NASA? You’re in the right place.

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NASA’s Mars Rover has taken an extraterrestrial selfie. Doing it for the Martian Gram!

nasa mars rover selfie

NASA’s Mars Rover is out on the Red Planet, doing exactly what we’d all be doing. Snapping some selfies for the likes, baby!

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NASA’s Mars helicopter is online and has sent back its first photo. Red Planet is red, baby!

nasa mars helicopter online sent back photo

NASA’s Mars helicopter is online and ready to fucking rock, folks. Rock some photos of rocks and shit! Not only is the motherfucker operational, but it’s sent back its first photo! Now listen I agree the photo fucking sucks. But it’s just the goddamn first one!

Hit the jump to check it out.

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China’s Mars Probe takes Rad Ass Photos of Crescent Mars. Fuck yeah, space photos!

china's tianwen-1 crescent mars probe photos

Hey, fellow pleb! Check out these fucking awesome photos of a crescent Mars from China’s Mars probe. Join me, in my fantasizing about ascending to the Red Planet while drinking in the views.

Hit the jump to check them out!

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NASA has revealed its plans for first helicopter flight on Mars. A fucking helicopter flight on Mars!

Wait, hold the fuck on! NASA is planning a goddamn helicopter flight? On fucking Mars? My glistening nips, is this ever fucking cool. Today, the Space-Wizards revealed their plans for said flight, and goddamn let’s go fellas!

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Scientists have finally measured the size of Mars’ core. Shit is less dense than thought!

scientists measure the size of mars core

We finally know the size of Mars’ core, motherfuckers! This is thanks to Astronomy-Wizards and through the measuring of seismic activity, both of which are pretty impressive. What have we found, now that we’ve measured the core? It’s less dense than we thought! Yeah, I said we! As a human, I want in on this shit. Sitting here. In joggers. Farting. Staring at butts. This is it! This is my moment.

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Space Swoon: Mars’ Jezero Crater is a potential site for the Rover to investigate!

nasa mars jezero crater

Hey, yo! Check out the fucking Jezero Crater, a potential site of investigation for the Mars Rover. You go, little bro. Investigate. Detect. You know, find signs of ancient life.

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NASA has shared video of Mars Perseverance rover landing. Also, first audio from Mars. From. Mars. Mars!!!

Jesus Christ, the future is feeling real today. NASA has shared video of the Mars rover landing. But that ain’t the only shit, my fellow space-freaks. They’ve also shared audio from Mars. Fucking incredible.

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NASA Perseverance Rover has landed safely on Mars. Here are the first images from the planet!

nasa safely ands perseverance rover

Fucking hell yeah, fellas! NASA has safely landed the Perseverance Rover on Mars! Now the fucking fun shit starts! Hit the jump for the details and first images!

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