Ancient Mars was covered in ice sheets, not flowing rivers. Back to the drawing board, folks!

ancient mars ice sheets rivers

Whelp, time to rethink what we knew about the “warm and wet ancient Mars” hypothesis, my friends. A recent study has found that the Red Planet was covered in ice sheets, not flowing rivers.

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Strange, giant-ass cloud reappears on Mars. Let’s go, baby!

mars strange cloud reappears

Since 2009, the European Space Agency’s Mars Express and other spacecrafts of its ilk have been following a strange cloud on Mars. Now, it seems the motherfucker has reappeared! It popped up again on July 17 and July 19, and the son of a bitch measures 1,800 kilometers in length.

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Scientists have detected a green glow in Mars atmosphere. The Red Planet impresses!

scientists green glow mars

Scientists have confirmed what they have suspected for forty-years. The motherfucking Martian atmosphere has a green glow. Hell yeah, my dudes.

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Mars may have once had rings, according to new research. The Red Planet fucking rocks, dudes

mars rings research

Oh fucking hell! Mars has a goddamn monopoly on awesomeness in our solar system (though, granted, Jupiter is amazing, so is Saturn, okay, they’re all rad). Apparently, the son of a bitch may have once had rings.

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Scientists find signs on Mars of an ancient river that may have flowed for 100,000 years. Fuck, that’s rad

scientists mars ancient rivers

Man, how fucking cool is this? An ancient river may have been running on Mars for 100,00 years. 100,000 fucking years!

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Living microbes deep beneath Earth seafloor points to hopeful possibility of life on Mars

mars living microbes deep beneath seafloor life

A shit load of microbes have been found living in clay-rich rocks on the Pacific seafloor. Why give a shit about this? Probably myriad reasons, but most importantly for us space nerds? Speaks to the same possibility existing on Mars!

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Space Swoon: Mars got itself a delicious looking slice of polar ice cap!

NASA has framed this photo of a polar ice cap as the Martian equivalent of a “delicious slice of layered tiramisu” and frankly, I fuck with the description. Plus, you know, it’s goddamn gorgeous.

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Mars Lander detected “marsquakes” and a weird glow in the Martian night sky. The Red Planet continues to fucking rock!

mars lander glow martian night sky

A series of studies in Nature Geoscience and Nature Communications has summarized some of the rad-ass findings by the Mars Lander. We’re talking dust devils! We’re talking marsquakes! A weird glow in the night sky!

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Japan has greenlit a mission to explore Mars’ moons and bring back a sample. Gimme an astronomical fuck yeah!

japan sample mars moons

Japan! Those motherfuckers. Making astronomical moves and such. They’ve officially given the go-ahead to a project that will explore Mars’ moons. Not only that, but the project intends to bring a sample back from Phobos!

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Humans are sending 3 New Rovers to Mars in 2020 to search for life. Let’s go, Martians! Reveal yourselves.

humans 3 rovers mars 2020

Humans are sending three new rovers to Mars in 2020. All in an effort to find signs of life. For fuck’s sake, which one of you rovers is going to step up?

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