Views From The Space-Ship: The Oasis From The Stasis

desktop thursdays the oasis from the stasis

It’s Desktop Thursday, my dudes! The blog installment where I puke up some putrid portrayals of my tangible and intangible existence. Additionally, it’s the weekly invitation, nay, challenge to show me your world! Splay your existence across the comments section. Write large your own banality, buffoonery, benevolence! ‘Cause community is all we got in this hardened, coarsened, spiraling madness of a world. Let this community, this commune, this gathering aboard the Space-Ship Omega be your oasis from the stasis that is modernity.

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Views From The Space-Ship: make trash edible again

make trash edible again

Woah! Oh! Shit! Woah oh shit shit oh woah! It’s Desktop Thursdays! I’m currently: burning the fuck out of my mouth, trying to house some chili. I’m currently: supposed to be on my way to the gym. I’m currently: typing this up in a hurry, so I can finish the aforementioned two other activities! It’s Desktop Thursdays! Check out my world(s), and then share your own!

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Views From The Space-Ship: Atom by Atom, Books Upon Books

desktop thursdays atom by atom

It’s that time again, motherfuckers. Indeed, it is that time again. That point in the week where I share the view from my carbohydrate-heavy, popculture-slickened gilded cage. That’s right, it’s Desktop Thursdays! Per usual, I hope you share a look into your own world in the comments section.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Shred The Gnarl

shred the gnarl!

If I’m being honest, I don’t do Desktop Thursdays on the weekly because some weeks, you know. Some weeks I just haven’t accumulated enough artifacts of my life to make it worth sharing with you. But! This week, I have returned. So let’s Dance the Dance. I’m going to drop on you a glimpse or so into my world(s) – virtual, physical, existential. Following that, I hope you’ll share glimpses into your own!

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Views From The Space-Ship: The Gospel Of The Omega

kenny omega

It’s been, according to the CalculationWizards, two weeks since I’ve done a Desktop Thursday. That’s aiight-aiight-aiight. The reason? The reason(s)? I don’t know, man. Ennui? A lack of pictures taken during the week? Both? Neither? Both-Neither! But here I am-am-am. A new post! A new look at my world(s) across the past two weeks. Tangible, intangible, virtual, aesthetic, heroic. All goes! Share your own views in the comments section!

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Weekend Open Bar: They Were Promised Freedom; They Received Double-XL Pizza


Oh shit! And a good weekend to you, as well! This is the Weekend Open Bar, the one-stop madness-shop for hanging out on the weekend. That is! If you’re a frequenter of the Space-Ship Omega. That is! If you’ve just wandered by (you poor soul) and found us this weekend. Join us! Join us, all of you. And do what? Great question!

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Monday Morning Commute: 2 Minutes To Midnight


Hello, friends. Welcome to Monday Morning Commute. The column that serves as the Balm that soothes the Unrelenting Burn of It All. Within this post, the lot of us wearied travelers come together. We feed each other Chez-Its, and perhaps too lovingly brush the crumbs from one another’s lips. We rub each other’s backs, leaving the hand perhaps a moment too long on the small of one another’s back. And most importantly, we share the various Arts & Farts that we’re looking forward to on a given week. The sort of Necessary Distractions that illuminate our lives, titillate our brains, and distract our souls from the Maelstrom.

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‘Lucy’ Red Band Clip: ScarJo Ices Unworthy Dudes

Fuck yeah

Holy fuck, I hope the rest of the movie has action as good as the shit sported in this clip. Give me raucous Luc Besson at his best. Killer action, silly plot, entertainment. I’m ready.

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More Lucy nonsense-awesomeness. Here is hoping the movie is every bit as absurd, silly, and ridiculous as the trailers are making it out to be.

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‘LUCY’ Trailer: ScarJo kicks super-powered ass


A Luc Besson movie where Scarlett Johansson doles out unfathomable amounts of super-powered ass kickings? Yup. Sold. Sold twice.

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