Views From The Space-Ship: Shred The Gnarl

shred the gnarl!

If I’m being honest, I don’t do Desktop Thursdays on the weekly because some weeks, you know. Some weeks I just haven’t accumulated enough artifacts of my life to make it worth sharing with you. But! This week, I have returned. So let’s Dance the Dance. I’m going to drop on you a glimpse or so into my world(s) – virtual, physical, existential. Following that, I hope you’ll share glimpses into your own!


actual desktop~

actual deskTOP


flashback to nyc, 2010~



rereading snow crash. again~



me: I took this picture by accident today. I look 500 in it. am I falling apart.

wife: You look like a fucking sea captain.

wife: Like in an old novel.

wife: You’re ahab~

falling apart


finished horizon: zero dawn. game of the year, it’s gotta be~

horizon zero dawn


lucy the snorebeast~

lucy the snorebeast


proud of her snapchat nightmares~





That’s it! Now show me your world!