Maybe: Rey wears this outfit in ‘The Last Jedi’ revealed courtesy of ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’

star wars the last jedi rey outfit

Ah, *fuck* it, I’ll cover this. The last couple of days people have been stroking glands about this potential outfit for Rey in The Last Jedi. The reveal, maybe reveal, comes courtesy of Star Wars: Battlefront II pre-order promotional materials.

Fashionably Geek:

An image from GameStop Ireland’s Star Wars: Battlefront II pre-order page has revealed an awesome new look for Rey in The Last Jedi. Take a closer look below.

The outfits will be skins that you can get in GameStop’s The Last Jedi Heroes pre-order bonus, but the fine print notes that the images are “movie production stills” and “not actual in-game images”. Rey’s outfit also appears to match the one that can be partially viewed in previous, official announcements and t-shirt releases.

At any rate, we love the look. It’s retains some elements of her scavenger outfit while tossing in some Jedi-style. Start prepping your cosplay now.

ren-the-last-jedi rey the last jedi outfit