Monday Morning Commute: 2 Minutes To Midnight


Hello, friends. Welcome to Monday Morning Commute. The column that serves as the Balm that soothes the Unrelenting Burn of It All. Within this post, the lot of us wearied travelers come together. We feed each other Chez-Its, and perhaps too lovingly brush the crumbs from one another’s lips. We rub each other’s backs, leaving the hand perhaps a moment too long on the small of one another’s back. And most importantly, we share the various Arts & Farts that we’re looking forward to on a given week. The sort of Necessary Distractions that illuminate our lives, titillate our brains, and distract our souls from the Maelstrom.


It’s Fucking Training Camp Week! Blessed Be!

Randy Moss.


Lucy drops on Friday! WE MUST ALL USE OUR FULL MINDZ. I will be there.



Hotsauce recommended Rocket Girl. He didn’t disappoint. Per usual.



Finished Watch_Dogs. Fuck Watch_Dogs.

Watch Dogs


Killer Be Killed is shaping up to be my album of the summer.

Killer Be Killed.


Last week of the summer class I’m teaching. Praise Be.

I Like.


Hating that the Destiny beta is just a beta. Get in me.



That’s about it for me! Hating/Loving video games. Movies. Wrapping up work. Reading and listening to things. Word word.

How about you folks?