Weekend Open Bar: They Were Promised Freedom; They Received Double-XL Pizza


Oh shit! And a good weekend to you, as well! This is the Weekend Open Bar, the one-stop madness-shop for hanging out on the weekend. That is! If you’re a frequenter of the Space-Ship Omega. That is! If you’ve just wandered by (you poor soul) and found us this weekend. Join us! Join us, all of you. And do what? Great question!

Share what you’re reading this weekend! Share what you’re doing for dinner the next couple of days. Share your weird inclination for cutting out the crotch on your boxer-briefs and pulling out your hogwarts in the shower. Share! Share! Share! Gifs, and video games played, and your weird fetish for the microphone stands at karaoke bars. Share whatever you’re doing, as long as you surf the appropriate frequency with the rest of us: Cosmic Absurdity-Turned-Positivity.