Weekend Open Bar: A Cure For The Common Ennui

weekend open bar a cure for the common ennui

It’s the Bar! The Weekend Open Bar!

And a welcome one, at that. I’m ready. To kick off the pants, slap on some fat kid sweats. To slough off the responsibilities, pop on some wrestling. Or some Westworld. Or some Mob Psycho 100. Recline, recline, recline into the primo portion of the sectional in our sunroom.

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Weekend Open Bar: I’ve Seen Things You People Would Probably Believe


This is, as always, Weekend Open Bar. The objective is, as always, to create a holistic HorrorDump at the Internet where like-minded folk can gather. Once gathered we will, as always, shoot the shit about what we’re doing this weekend. You know, flap our flabby lips. Pointedly pontificate about nothing–something. Everything and anything goes, as always, so long as its in a positive spirit.

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Weekend Open Bar: They Were Promised Freedom; They Received Double-XL Pizza


Oh shit! And a good weekend to you, as well! This is the Weekend Open Bar, the one-stop madness-shop for hanging out on the weekend. That is! If you’re a frequenter of the Space-Ship Omega. That is! If you’ve just wandered by (you poor soul) and found us this weekend. Join us! Join us, all of you. And do what? Great question!

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Weekend Open Bar: Gone Girl Baby Girl Gone Gone


Can I get a fuck yeah?! It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for many, many things. Provided you are one of us proles blessed (and it is more and more becoming a genuine blessing) with having the weekend off. Drinking! TV binging. Maybe some sexy-sex? Reading, gaming. All sorts of shit! And this is Weekend Open Bar! Where we come together. Pop a soda-beer-bottle-of-wine-whiskey, whatever. Share in the revelry of the next two days.

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Weekend Open Bar: Blessed Be The Weekend


You know for a week that was -1 because of a holiday, it sure felt like a grueling fucking work week. First few days during the teaching life always seems to feel that way. “Did I print this?”, “Am I going to have to piss during class because of the three Monster energy drinks in me?”, “Is this the semester I finally get black bagged for subversive syllabi?”

All those awful thoughts and more. Condensed into four days. But now it’s the fucking Weekend! Which actually means class prep! But fuck class prep right now! #YOLOCORE.

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