Views From The Space-Ship: Otherwise Known As Hoth

desktop thursdays otherwise known as hoth

Desktop Thursdays! Coming to you live from Hoth, or at least a place within the Empire proper that feels like it. Been a brutal week of weather here in Massachusetts. A collection of days reaching subzero temperatures, punctuated today by a good old fashion blizzard. But wait, there’s more! Tomorrow with the windchill we are going to be hitting -20. The most fucked up part? I dig this shit.¬†Dig.¬†It. So does the Lucy the Snowbeast, and so I imagine it’s only a matter of time before the two of us go romping and stomping around the neighborhood.

Anyways! Again! This is Desktop Thursdays. Wherein I give you little voyeurs a glimpse into my life. Real world, virtual world, textual. Then, by god, by the Gods, you share your own in the comments.

Without further ado!


desktop action!



throwback: I don’t even know what year this is from. a banner on our guild’s message board. 2005? 2006?

old school


mom letting her romp in the snow = contentment



throwback: going home from a bruins game with rendar, 2014


mom not letting her romp in the snow = dejection



That’s the glimpse into my world this week, folks! Share your own below.