Desktop Thursdays: Otherwise Known As Hoth

desktop thursdays otherwise known as hoth

Desktop Thursdays! Coming to you live from Hoth, or at least a place within the Empire proper that feels like it. Been a brutal week of weather here in Massachusetts. A collection of days reaching subzero temperatures, punctuated today by a good old fashion blizzard. But wait, there’s more! Tomorrow with the windchill we are going to be hitting -20. The most fucked up part? I dig this shit. DigIt. So does the Lucy the Snowbeast, and so I imagine it’s only a matter of time before the two of us go romping and stomping around the neighborhood.

Anyways! Again! This is Desktop Thursdays. Wherein I give you little voyeurs a glimpse into my life. Real world, virtual world, textual. Then, by god, by the Gods, you share your own in the comments.

Without further ado!

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Cosplay: Wolverine and Kitty Pryde bring that old school tingle.

Toys R’ Us 1996 CHRISTMAS CATALOG is gaming nostalgic bliss.

Friends, take a walk with me. We shall walk together through the land of gaming’s past. Here in the land, we shall appreciate those warm and fuzzy days when Sega was still producing consoles, Vectorman was dominating my friend Brian’s Genesis, and I was still firing blanks. It was 1996.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 Movies Every Prospective College Student Needs to See

June is upon us my friends. And that can mean only two things, beach days and high school graduations. This high five will be dealing with the latter. As a new high school grad, there are some notions of college life that have to be explained. Where better to look than the silver screen? These are the top 5 movies every prospective college student should see, and subsequently emulate (not really) if they want to fully embrace the collegiate experience.

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‘Batman: Gotham Knights’ Is Fan-Made Batman Fighter Done Street Fighter Homage.

The fan made game  ‘Batman: Gotham Knights’ is a boner in motion. Using the  MUGEN engine, it takes an absurd amount of DC characters and throws them into a fighting game that looks like some Street Fighter Alpha-type action. It isn’t out yet, but there’s a video after the jump to get your bits glazed.

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Macho Man Cuts A Promo For WWE Game; It’s MENTAL INSANITY!

Macho Man Randy Savage is one of the baddest motherfuckers alive. Fact, not opinion. Nothing can stop him. Not time, nor drugs, nor the death of Miss Elizabeth. After parting ways in 1994, the WWE and Macho Man have reunited, and it has resulted in awesome. The Macho Man has cut a fucking ridiculous promo for THQ’s upcoming WWE All-Stars. In something that is no less than a nostalgia-bomb-orgasm for me, Macho Man rambles on for a good minute and a half. Dude drops lines like “COMPLETE MENTAL INSANNNNNNNNNNITY” and “FUNKY LIKE A MONKEY.” Jesus Christ, I wish I was on set for this.

Oh childhood, I miss you.

Hit the jump for the video.

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LOST: The Video Game For My NES? Uh, Yes!


[via all games beta, click to enlarge]