‘The Batman’ gets official logo and Jim Lee poster ahead of DC FanDome. I’m ready for Robert Battinson, fuckers!

the batman movie posters matt reeves jim lee

Hey! Check this out, you Bat-pigs! Matt Reeves has dropped The Batman artwork by Jim Lee, and also ostensibly its logo. I’m digging both.

Hit the jump to check them out!

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Jim Lee will be artist on ‘Suicide Square’ during DC’s “Rebirth” Relaunch, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Suicide Squad

I don’t fuck with Jim Lee. I’ve caught flack for that around these parts in the past, so let me say: I respect him, and his influence on the comic book landscape. But as far as his art? Eh. But as far as his presence on a title drawing me towards a purchase. Nah.

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DC Announces “Rebirth” line; returning “Legacy” to Universe, original numbering to certain titles


DC has revealed their “Rebirth” line dropping this year. It’s a bit interesting. The company is looking to return the “legacy” to their universe by acknowledging past events, returning Action and Detective to their original numbering, and introducing some twice-monthly titles.

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Good Guy DC Comics institutes new CREATOR PAYMENT PLAN. Factors in digital sales!


I have no idea if DC Comics is a good guy. I’m going to assume they’re actually not, but why let beliefs get in the way of headlines? Or maybe I’m wrong. I’m just some Communist Asshole waging a war against THE MAN on my MacBook. #Fraudlent Anyways. What I do know is that the company has instituted a new payment plan that reflects digital sales, which is pretty fucking gnar. Gnarltacular. That sort of horse shit.

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Opinions Vary: PUBERTY IS WILD


This is about that time I found out that I had a hairy asshole. I remember it like it was seventeen years ago, which is to say I remember very little about it. It was a balmy summer night (I’m making this up), I was in an AOL chat room trying to cyber with anyone who would let a precocious fourteen year-old with a trigger-scrotum digitally ejaculate on them. Gender, age, ethnicity, religion, political creed, didn’t matter. 

(I’m making up about only 40% of this now.)

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Rather swell.

Every once in a while I’m reminded of what a beast Jim Lee is in the artist game. I’ve vomited around here about how I’m tired with his super-cluttered panels, and excessive posing. I still feel that way. But at the same time, images like this prove that the guy still has a filthy change-up when he wants to throw it.

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DC doesn’t confirm SCOTT SNYDER doing ‘MAN OF STEEL’ COMIC. Pretty do confirm it.

One of those stalwart manners for cross-promoting a comic book and a funny rag movie is to get yourself a tie-in comic. Usually that sort of thing makes me puke chunks. Little corn-filled chunks, from them corn and beans empanadas that I pound before power lifting. Maybe this next one from DC will be different, though. They haven’t confirmed it, but word on the corporate-synergy-market-everything-into-paste vine is that Scotty Snyder will be helming a Man of Steel comic.

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Superman and Lois may NEVER date now? Oh New 52. You Funny.

Doesn’t matter that it has been nearly a year, the New 52 continues to entertain. You know, with its opaque canon. With its head-scratching decisions. One of those decisions being to send the DCU’s trajectory full Kingdom Come.

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Jim Lee On The Timing Of DC Comics’ “Announcement” Of A Prominent Gay Character

The announcement by DC that they were going to reintroduce a prominent character into the New 52 as gay just sort, you know, happened. It occurred at Kapow as opposed to some horns-accompanied press release or the such. Jim Lee delves a bit into the timing of it all.

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‘BEFORE WATCHMEN’ Is A ‘Love Letter’ To The Original, Dan DiDio Says. Written By Empty, Parasitic Stalkers.

Dan DiDio is taking to The Guardian to defend Before Watchmen, calling it s love letter to Alan Moore’s creation. What DiDio doesn’t mention is that sometimes love letters are epistles scribbled in feces and blood, rambling incoherently. Rambling to such a degree because those penning the shit-blood missive are empty souls, without an ability to define their existence without the object of their love.

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