Jim Lee will be artist on ‘Suicide Square’ during DC’s “Rebirth” Relaunch, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Suicide Squad

I don’t fuck with Jim Lee. I’ve caught flack for that around these parts in the past, so let me say: I respect him, and his influence on the comic book landscape. But as far as his art? Eh. But as far as his presence on a title drawing me towards a purchase. Nah.

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DC Announces “Rebirth” line; returning “Legacy” to Universe, original numbering to certain titles


DC has revealed their “Rebirth” line dropping this year. It’s a bit interesting. The company is looking to return the “legacy” to their universe by acknowledging past events, returning Action and Detective to their original numbering, and introducing some twice-monthly titles.

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Good Guy DC Comics institutes new CREATOR PAYMENT PLAN. Factors in digital sales!


I have no idea if DC Comics is a good guy. I’m going to assume they’re actually not, but why let beliefs get in the way of headlines? Or maybe I’m wrong. I’m just some Communist Asshole waging a war against THE MAN on my MacBook. #Fraudlent Anyways. What I do know is that the company has instituted a new payment plan that reflects digital sales, which is pretty fucking gnar. Gnarltacular. That sort of horse shit.

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Opinions Vary: PUBERTY IS WILD


This is about that time I found out that I had a hairy asshole. I remember it like it was seventeen years ago, which is to say I remember very little about it. It was a balmy summer night (I’m making this up), I was in an AOL chat room trying to cyber with anyone who would let a precocious fourteen year-old with a trigger-scrotum digitally ejaculate on them. Gender, age, ethnicity, religion, political creed, didn’t matter. 

(I’m making up about only 40% of this now.)

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Rather swell.

Every once in a while I’m reminded of what a beast Jim Lee is in the artist game. I’ve vomited around here about how I’m tired with his super-cluttered panels, and excessive posing. I still feel that way. But at the same time, images like this prove that the guy still has a filthy change-up when he wants to throw it.

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DC doesn’t confirm SCOTT SNYDER doing ‘MAN OF STEEL’ COMIC. Pretty do confirm it.

One of those stalwart manners for cross-promoting a comic book and a funny rag movie is to get yourself a tie-in comic. Usually that sort of thing makes me puke chunks. Little corn-filled chunks, from them corn and beans empanadas that I pound before power lifting. Maybe this next one from DC will be different, though. They haven’t confirmed it, but word on the corporate-synergy-market-everything-into-paste vine is that Scotty Snyder will be helming a Man of Steel comic.

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Superman and Lois may NEVER date now? Oh New 52. You Funny.

Doesn’t matter that it has been nearly a year, the New 52 continues to entertain. You know, with its opaque canon. With its head-scratching decisions. One of those decisions being to send the DCU’s trajectory full Kingdom Come.

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Jim Lee On The Timing Of DC Comics’ “Announcement” Of A Prominent Gay Character

The announcement by DC that they were going to reintroduce a prominent character into the New 52 as gay just sort, you know, happened. It occurred at Kapow as opposed to some horns-accompanied press release or the such. Jim Lee delves a bit into the timing of it all.

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‘BEFORE WATCHMEN’ Is A ‘Love Letter’ To The Original, Dan DiDio Says. Written By Empty, Parasitic Stalkers.

Dan DiDio is taking to The Guardian to defend Before Watchmen, calling it s love letter to Alan Moore’s creation. What DiDio doesn’t mention is that sometimes love letters are epistles scribbled in feces and blood, rambling incoherently. Rambling to such a degree because those penning the shit-blood missive are empty souls, without an ability to define their existence without the object of their love.

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Jim Lee’s GATEFOLD IMAGE From DC’s Free Comic Book Day Is Four-Page Thunder.

Here’s the four-page Jim Lee gatefold thunder-power that he did up for Free Comic Book Day.

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