Aaron and Guéra’s ‘Scalped’ getting TV adaptation courtesy of WGN


I like Jason Aaron a lot. But I haven’t read Scalped. This is because I’m undistilled trash that instead of reading the glorious likes of Scalped will watch fourteen hours of wrestling a week. What can you do. (Stop watching wrestling? Nah!) Still happy for the creative team behind the comic, though.

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‘Southern Bastards’ Rebel Flag variant raised $18K for charity

Southern Bastards.

Southern Bastards is a raw book, man. Set in a raw southern town, man. So while it hasn’t shied away from addressing the Confederacy, a recent variant cover swung right at its flag. For charity!

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Jason Aaron and Marvel announce new exclusive deal

Jason Aaron.

The exodus of talent from Marvel has been the realness as of late. That isn’t do say they don’t have talented writers, but rather that most of their “architects” (remember that shit?) have left for purely creator-owned ventures. And so while Jason Aaron will still be rocking Southern Bastards and other creator-owned titles, he’ll also be working exclusively for Marvel (as opposed to like, DC, too?).

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New ‘Doctor Strange’ monthly comic coming, courtesy Aaron and Bachalo

Doctor Strange.

Must be a coincidence. There’s like, no way that Marvel is launching a monthly Doctor Strange comic book as Marvel Studios is preparing his movie as a means to seed the pop culture’s collective consciousness. They wouldn’t do that, right? This new Doctor Strange comic is coming because the public wants it! Demands it! (All joking aside, cool creative team.)

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‘Southern Bastards’ being developed for TV by FX. Deep Fried, Bloody Yes.


Southern Bastards is the fucking realest. Grimiest. Filthiest, most brooding shit going. So FX developing it for a TV series? Sign me up twice over. It’s like Justified. But with football.

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Revealed: The Identity of the New Female Thor


Like Marvel is always wont to do, they’ve revealed a huge spoiler before the actual issue drops (tomorrow). So! Hark! Spoilers ahead.

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‘Star Wars’ #1 is going to sell over one-million copies.

Star Wars.

Next month Star Wars #1 is dropping on shelves, kicking off Marvel’s newly formed alliance with The Force. I had sort of expected it to sell a good amount, but apparently the fucker is going to be the highest selling comic in twenty years.

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Marvel dropping three new ‘Star Wars’ comics starting next year

Star Wars!

Starting next year, Marvel is bringing three Star Wars comics into existence. Gimme! Gimme. Gimme. They all sound goddamn neato, but I’m particularly sprung over the titular Star Wars comic. I mean, Jason Aaron and John Cassaday wielding the Force? Sweet baby Jesus.

Details and covers after the jump.

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Jason Aaron + Ron Garney dropping creator-owned ‘Men of Wrath.’ F**k yeah

Men of Wrath.

Jason Aaron and Ron Garney are taking their talents to Marvel’s Icon imprint. The two dudes are using the publishing venue to hang Men of Wrath on the world, which has me sold based on the fucking title alone.

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Marvel promoting ‘ORIGINAL SIN’ by giving out eyeballs.

All the eyeballs.

Here’s a promotion for you. In an effort to promote their mini-series-mega-time-event Original Sin, Marvel is giving out eyeballs. Word, eyeballs. Pop into your LCS, grab some funny books. Snag an eyeball. Bounce it down the street while yelling “THEY HARDLY EVEN RESISTED!”

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