‘PREDATOR’ getting REBOOTED by Shane Black? F**k yes.


Looks like Shane Black has found his next landing spot after helming Iron Man 3 last year. The son of a bitch appears set to tackle a Predator reboot. And while I’d generally roll my eyes at the premise, it’s hard to deny Black’s talent.

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Best of 2013 – The Dude’s Picks

The Dude's 2013.

As 2013 comes to a close, I look back on a rather lackluster year for myself.  I feel like I’m standing still, stuck in the mud, and need a kick in the ass to move forward.  While I didn’t hate the year, it will soon be forgotten and added to the long list of unremarkable events that make up my back story when I become a hero lion tamer that moonlights as a vigilante.  Here’s a list of things I might remember from 2013.

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Rumor: Ben Kingsley’s “Secret Marvel Project” is a SHORT FILM.

The Mandarin.

Marvel loves themselves their short films. Peggy Carter got herself one (and maybe more!), Agent Coulson got himself one. Now it looks like the mofuckin’ Mandarin may be scoring one as well.

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The Mandarin.

Ben Kingsley has filmed a secret Marvel project. I mean — can we imagine him being anything other than the Mandarin? Some short starring him?

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WATCH: ‘IRON MAN 3’ done up as 16-BIT VIDEO GAME.


Ya’ll love them Iron Men. Ya’ll love them 16-Bit homages to various things across cultures. Now it is time! For the former to slide into the latter, engaging in some copious geek coitous.

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Opinions Vary: Summer Movies Should Be More Than Fleeting Entertainment

Binary Sunset.

[Caff note: Pacific Rim spoilers in here.]

I. Preamble

One of the neat things about such a small, tight-knit community is that narratives can begin to grasp hold. Throughout this very summer, the lot of us have discussed the latest crop of Whiz-Bang Hollywood Fecaltainment. As the movies have arrived, we have all received them in a variety of manners.

More than anything, I think I could be typified as generally disappointed by this latest crop. As movie after movie has been released I have been somewhat entertained. But for the most part, I have found them to be ephemeral, forgettable piles of crap.

Butting heads with even my own brother who (whom?) I typically see eye-to-eye with, I began to ask myself why I’ve been so disappointed. I figured I’d use this Opinions Vary to articulate my feelings. Namely, that this summer’s blockbusters have been bereft of Goosebump Moments, and that I don’t (and shouldn’t) accept middling efforts when this very genre is capable of capstone experiences and inspirational wankery.

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OMEGA-CAST #1 – Let It Begin


Behold! The first Transmission from The Omega Level. Produced by the inestimable Riff Simian and recorded aboard the Spaceship Omega, the podcast tries its damnedest to catch up on the Summer Happenings so far. Summer Movies. E3. Super Punch Out. We realize it’s a bit rough — and Caffeine Powered was clearly paid off by the producers of Fast 6 — but we hope you welcome it as a new addition to the website.

Leave any thoughts or segment ideas in the comments!

‘IRON MAN 3’ BLU-RAY to feature AGENT CARTER short film. Aiight!

Agent Carter.

I had myself a crush on Peggy Carter in Captain Unfrozen Guy: Tony Stark’s Second Fiddle. Big time. So when dummy Rogers plunged his bi-plane-thing-whatever into the ice, I figured I would never see her again. That isn’t the case! Not at all. In fact, I may be seeing her even sooner than Cap 2: Bucky Lives! When, you ask? Perchance the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray.

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ROBERT DOWNEY JR. signs for ‘AVENGERS 2’ and ‘AVENGERS 3.’ Money Truck goes BEEP BEEP.

Robert Downey Jr.

The inevitable has happened. Marvel has signed Robert Downey Jr. for the second and third Avenging flicks. No brainer, right? Still though – no mention of Iron Man 4. My guess? I’m still pushing for his death-sacrifice/resurrection in the aforementioned movies. What do you peoples make of all this?

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ROBERT DOWNEY JR. in talks for TWO ‘AVENGERS’ SEQUELS, no word on ‘IRON GUY 4.’


Well this is interesting. RDJ is in talks to reprise his role as Really Rich Smart Guy in not one but two of those Avengers flicks. But what about Iron Guy 4, you’re proclaiming?! Who knows. My own personal take? Stark dies in Avengers 2, and “comes back to life” or whatever in the third.

What say you?

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