Monday Morning Commute: There’s an Iron Man in my pants. And I’m Happy to See You.

Jock’s ‘IRON MAN 3’ IMAX poster, plus his unused concepts.

Ascending and shit.

Jock. Iron Man 3. A combination made in something or such.

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ROBERT DOWNEY JR. teases leaving ‘IRON MAN’ in three years. Flaccid Repulsor Ray.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.is a large part of why the Marvel movie universe has become the Marvel movie universe. So what becomes of that Universe when he leaves? Someday, we’re going to find out. The salient question is when that day shall come. In a recent GQ profile, Homeboy Jr. hints that he may only have three more years left in the superhero game.

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SPOILER: ‘IRON MAN 3’ POST-CREDITS scene revealed.

Iron Man puts on some weight, still rules.

Pretty clear here folks. If you’re a spoiler-whore like me, hit the jump. If you have self-discipline then stay the fuck away. Also, please teach me your skills.

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‘IRON MAN 3’ TV Clip: Tony’s latest egotism is giving away his home address


The latest clip from Iron Man 3 has Tony Stark giving away his home address to The Mandarin. Pretty much exactly the sort of thoughtless, boisterous nonsense you’d get from an egomaniac. Here’s hoping the movie makes him feel the repercussions.

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[IT’S BACK UP] ‘IRON MAN 3’ TV SPOT: JFC, Pepper Potts in the suit.

God bless.

Oh shit, they’re dropping R.E.S.C.U.E. (or something like it) on our ass in Iron Man 3? This movie needs to be inside me. Also, apologies for the completely irrelevant picture. Miles away from a copy of Photoshop at the moment.

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Ben Kingsley SWAGGING OUT as Mandarin in this ‘IRON MAN 3’ poster.

Ball so hard.

Ben Kingsley ball so hard, nothing matters. Just rocking out as the Mandarin. He isn’t a Joker analog. Or a Bane analog. Or something. Someone’s comeuppance totally isn’t coming.

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New ‘IRON MAN 3’ poster features Don Cheadle looking silly.

Patently ridiculous.

I love me some Don Cheadle, but I’m not feeling the dude in this poster. Not an indictment on him, the movie, or his character. Just him looking longingly into the distance.

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‘IRON MAN 3′ SUPER BOWL TRAILER: Tony gotta catch ’em all.

Iron Man 3.

It looks like Tony has got to collect  a fair amount of free-falling bodies in Iron Man 3. Can’t help but bask in the Superman overtones. What did you folks think of the spot?

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New ‘IRON MAN 3′ shows Tony Stark post butt-whuppin’

If this image and the trailers are any indications, Tony Stark is going to get his ass flayed in this third Iron Guy film. Good! Yeah! Put the stink on Anthony, and demand that he respond to it. Right?

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