Jonathan Hickman reveals new comic, ‘Frontier’, like Star Trek but “super depressing”


I’m pretty much down for anything Jonathan Hickman does. So giving me some sort of failed-stated Star Trek riff? Sold.

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JMS’ comic ‘Rising Stars’ optioned for movie by MGM

rising stars

Shit, I remember JMS’ Rising Stars. That shit was…a while ago. Like, me maybe just beginning in college lengths of “a while ago”, I think? And now the comic, which I remember vaguely enjoying, is coming to the big screen.

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‘Southern Bastards’ Rebel Flag variant raised $18K for charity

Southern Bastards.

Southern Bastards is a raw book, man. Set in a raw southern town, man. So while it hasn’t shied away from addressing the Confederacy, a recent variant cover swung right at its flag. For charity!

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Second issue of ‘NONPLAYER’ is dropping in June.


Finally! Holy fucking shit, Nonplayer is finally coming back. FINALLY. The goddamn best first issue I’ve read in years, which I read seemingly years ago at this point, is getting its follow-up.

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Becky Cloonan and Matt Taylor drop gorgeous ‘Sex Criminals’ prints


Sex Criminals has a second trade paperback. It’s got a goddamn television show in the works. Why shouldn’t the comic series also have a couple of gorgeous prints from Becky Cloonan and Matt Taylor? There is no fucking reason! Both of these prints are equally appealing to the eye-socket mush, but Cloonan’s is a sultry slice of NSFW.

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Brian Wood taking over ‘Spawn’ with 250th issue with Jonboy Meyers on art.

The Return.

I haven’t enjoyed (or more specifically, read) Spawn for like…half a lifetime. Literally. I’m thirty-one. I fucking worshipped it when I was probably fifteen. But man. When I loved that comic, I fucking *loved* it. Same goes for Sam and Twitch when Bendis was penning it. But yeah. Like. Half a life has passed and the question has been, “what could ever get me to read the title again?” I’ve found the answer. Brian Wood.

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Behold! Shalvey & Bellaire’s ‘Injection’ #1 Cover


The cover for first issue of the Ellis/Shalvey/Bellaire collaboration Injection has dropped online. And goddamn! It ain’t much in the “telling us what this comic is about” department, but it is considerable in the “get pumped for the title with sexy artwork” department. Departments! Say departments again, Caff. Departments.

Full cover and details after the break.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (5.21.2014)- Happy Saga Week!

Saga #19!

Boom!  Image Comics throws down the gauntlet this week on the competition, and then proceeds to forget formal rules of combat declaration and decides to nuke the entire field of play with a megatonnage of great books dropping this week on our collective asses.  Step inside and find out which funnybooks are worth your while.  No capes allowed in this edition of BTFC!

A full list of this week’s comics can be found HERE.

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Image Comics Publisher ERIC STEPHENSON talks some truth about comics gimmick bulls**t

Eric Stephenson.

Eric Stephenson came out to address ComicsPRO retailers today, and the Bro Who Ushers In A New Image Renaissance was lobbing bombs. Just giggling as he laced his right-hooks with truth serum. Burying his knuckles deep in the sloppy stomach of comic book excess. His remarks give me somewhat of a boner. But I’m a child.

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MOST GNARLY: Brandon Graham creates shared sci-fi universe at Image called “8HOUSE.’


So fucking ill. Nana with warts on her butt hole shades of ill. Brandon Graham is creating a shared sci-fi universe “8House” over at Image Comics, and the whole thing sort of smacks like a Graham Universe. A collection of mini-series taking place in a shared universe, creator-owned characters, and creativity out the ass. I am fucking there.

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