Next ‘Mad Max’ movie officially a Furiosa prequel, not starring Charlize Theron. I’m bummed! But stoked!

mad max furiosa prequel

The next Mad Max is confirmed to be a Furiosa prequel, folks. Unfortunately, it ain’t starring Charlize Theron. Initial thoughts? Bummer. But, Miller also successfully recast Max, so I trust the dude.

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George Miller preparing the next ‘Mad Max’ sequel and it can’t get here soon enough

george miller mad max sequel

Man, I’m glad to hear that George Miller is working on the sequel to Fury Road. However, bro got to hurry up! Feels like we’re on borrowed time, and sooner or later the franchise is going to go from social commentary to social reality. That is, if it hasn’t already.

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Two ‘Mad Max’ sequels and a ‘Furiosa’ movie still being developed, according to Miller himself

mad max sequels

After Fury Road, part of me really wants more fucking Mad Max. The other part of me? Extremely skeptical that Miller can bottle such strong magic again. How about you?

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George Miller’s next movie is ‘Three Thousand Years Of Longing’ which also describes our wait for it

george miller three thousand years of longing

We have been waiting fucking forever for George Miller’s follow-up to Fury Road. It’s been miserable! Merciless! But, the end is in sight. The movie is Three Thousand Years Of Longing, and I’m fucking ready for it.

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George Miller: Actually, *I am* making more ‘Mad Max’

George Miller.

George Miller is making more Mad Max, folks. The guru shot down reports earlier this week that had him peacing out from the franchise.

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George Miller says he is done directing ‘Mad Max’ movies

Fury Road.

George Miller, the dude who blew everyone’s tit hairs off with Fury Road last year, is done playing in his sand covered-post-apocalyptic playground.

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Maybe: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ getting Black & White release in 2016

Fury Road!

You may recall that George Miller made a black and white cut of Fury Road. He did. He wanted it on the home release.  He didn’t get what he wanted. But now! Now that wild (purportedly intendedversion of his may see life — in the futzing theaters.

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is returning to IMAX on September 11

what a lovely day

Oh fuck! Did you fuck up royally, and not catch Mad Max in theaters? Now is your chance! Do you spend your days pining for another opportunity to see the film on an enormous screen? Now is your chance! Fury Road is returning to IMAX theaters on September 11.

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Rumor: ‘Man of Steel 2’ is apparently on “permanent hold”

all crying and shit

Never mind George Miller directing Man of Steel 2. If this rumor holds, the director of that film is the least of its concerns.

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Rumor: George Miller (‘Mad Max’) could be directing ‘Man of Steel 2’

George Miller.

Back in the day, George Miller was supposed to direct Justice League. He didn’t, and the world was worse for it. Zack Snyder *did* direct Man of Steel, and the world was worse for it. The result was a DCU I don’t really give a fuck about. A DCU whose reputation (in my eyes) could be recuperated by George Miller helming Man of Steel 2. I mean — can you fucking imagine? OH WHAT A DAY. (There are other reports that cast doubts on this rumor — but let’s just imagine it happening. I mean fuck, somewhat in the Multiverse it’s hapepning. Let us go there, if not here.)

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