Earth just mysteriously spun faster, recorded shortest day ever. Whelp!

earth spun faster shortest day recorded

Hey let’s slap this bitch onto our lists of Ominous Portents. Except, not really. Except, maybe? The Earth just mysteriously spun faster yesterday, which led to the shortest day ever recorded. Now it wasn’t like a stunning amount of time was shaved off, but still! Pretty fucking gnarly.

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Space Swoon: Deep space view shows Earth, Venus, and Mars in a single frame. Perspective++

deep space earth venus mars

Ya’ll want a glorious look? Check out this view from deep space, which captures Earth, Venus, and Mars in one frame. Hell fucking yeah!

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A stolen chunk of Earth’s Moon may be orbiting Mars! Give it back, Red Planet!

asteroid trailing mars chunk of earth moon

If the science-wizards are to be believed, a “stolen” chunk of Earth’s moon is orbiting Mars as an asteroid. What a fucking odd cosmos, man. But, I love it.

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TESS has found the first Earth-sized planet in its star’s habitable zone. Fucking hell yeah!

tess first earth sized planet in stars habitable-zone

TESS was launched in 2018 with the hopes of finding small planets around nearby stars’ habitable-zone. And, whelp! The motherfucker has done it. How goddamn rad is this?

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NASA experiment shows that radishes could probably grow in Lunar soil. I fucking hate radishes, but this is…rad

nasa experiment radishes lunar soil

Man! What the fuck we going to eat, when we’re living on the Moon? Well, according to this NASA experiment? Radishes! Grown in the lunar soil.

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Living microbes deep beneath Earth seafloor points to hopeful possibility of life on Mars

mars living microbes deep beneath seafloor life

A shit load of microbes have been found living in clay-rich rocks on the Pacific seafloor. Why give a shit about this? Probably myriad reasons, but most importantly for us space nerds? Speaks to the same possibility existing on Mars!

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Earth got itself a new “mini-moon” until it leaves in a few months! Hell yeah!

Hey! Earthlings! Check this shit out. We got ourselves a new mini-moon in orbit around us! At leas, for the time being!

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Some astronomers believe Jupiter is flinging comets into the solar system. Not stopping them. What the fuck, bro!

jupiter comets earth

Jupiter! For years, I operated under the idea that it protected the Earth from comets. That was the consensus! Fuck! However, some astronomers now believe it may be doing the exact opposite.

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Earth may partly be made from interstellar rocks from this galaxy. How fucking gnarly is that?

earth interstellar objects oumuamua

A new scientific paper postulates that Earth may be partly made-up of interstellar rocks like Oumuamua. This is objectively fucking rad.

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Space Swoon: Earth viewed from 10,000 miles away is resplendent as fuck

earth 10000 miles away

Drink in some perspective, swine! Do so by checking out this glorious image of Earth, taken some 10,000 miles away.

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