Steven Spielberg is directing ‘Blackhawk’ for DC and this would have been exciting 15 years ago

steven spielberg blackhawk dc comics

My brother calls Steve Spielberg a “creative coward” these days. I won’t go that far, but I have been generally bored with him for the past decade. So, this news doesn’t move the needle for me. I mean, he ain’t Jaws Spielberg anymore. He’s CGI diarrhea Ready Player One Spielberg. Who knows, maybe he stuns the hair off the my tits with this effort. One can hope.

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Neil Gaiman and DC Comics announce ‘Sandman Universe’ imprint

neil gaiman dc comics sandman imprint

Sandman is coming back late this year in a big way. Neil Gaiman and DC Comics have announced that there’s going to be a whole Sandman Universe imprint.

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Brian Michael Bendis has signed an exclusive deal with DC, holy shit. Nothing makes sense anymore

brian michael bendis dc exclusive

What the fuck? Brian Marvel Bendis is no more. The writer who sort of totally fucking *is* Marvel comics has signed an exclusive deal with DC. Honestly, I’m having a little trouble wrapping my brain around this.

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DC Comics TV Series Create $1 Billion A Year In Revenue

dc comics tv series revenue

Woah. So. Apparently, DC Comics TV series revenue tops $1 fucking billion a year. Holy taint. Which explains why DC keeps churning out them TV series. And, supposedly, they’re good. Not doubting it, just never seen them.

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Cyborg is going to appear in ‘The Flash’ movie. Could be Dope!


Get it? I’m just calling everything about The Flash movie Dope, because it’s got the same director and actress. So shitty puns, man. Shitty puns straight everywhere. Seriously though. Cyborg is in the movie. Cool? Not cool? I don’t know, but I remain optimistic about the film.

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DC’s ‘Shazam!’ movie is set in the DC Film Universe. Yeah, no crap?

the rock goes shazam

Apparently it’s news that The Rock’s Shazam! movie is going to be set in the DC Film Universe. I mean, was there speculation that it wasn’t going to be? I don’t know. It’s Friday afternoon, slow news day, here have this morsel of #nonnews, folks.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Official Poster: Power, Grace, Wisdom, Wonder, Color!

Nicolas Winding Refn wants to make a ‘Batgirl’ movie; can you imagine?


Nicolas Winding Refn. Batgirl. Movie? I can’t even fucking imagine it.

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Geoff Johns in charge of DC Films Division in wake of ‘Batman v Superman’ reaction

Batman from Dawn of Justice.

The good news: Warner Bros. realizes they need to shake things up in their DC Films division. The bad news: they’ve chosen Geoff Johns (and Jon Berg). The good news: it can’t be any worse. The bad news: I’m not sure how much better it can get under his (their) stewardship.

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DC Comics has unveiled a New Logo beginning with its “Rebirth”

dc comics

DC Comics has a new logo. Take it or leave it, I don’t give a shit.

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