Apple wasn’t to blame for blocking ‘SAGA’, but they still pretty much suck.


As the world fucking turns! Apparently it wasn’t those Techno-Fascists at Apple who banned Saga #12 from the digital comic shelves. No sir, no ma’am. Turns out that ComiXology never even submitted it to them for approval. The company claims that it didn’t have to do with any particular sexual orientation, but can we just throw the flag on that bullshit? What then – what magical thing in the twelfth issue – prompted them to forego submitting it? ‘Cause they’ve submitted issues of Saga with raging rotting testicles, gratuitous hetero-fucking, and ultra-violence.

I ain’t buying it.

And Apple? Fuck them anyways.

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This week’s COMIXOLOGY BLACKOUT confirms my fears over service.


Shock. Awe.

Real talk: I fucking adore comiXology. In a world where my LCS lets Rendar and me down every week, it has arrived like a beautiful bastard upon a stunning stallion. Lending me its hand, it murmurs in my ears the promises of taking me to a world where comic books are accessible. However, I have some reservations. Unlike Amazon and B&N’s proprietary services, there is no way to access your files. They’re intangible intangibles, and this is concerning. What if comiXology goes out of business? Or what if – say – Marvel breaks their servers?


I will continue using comiXology. It’s convenient, the comics look great in HD. However, they should let us consumers hold our files in our own hands.

Hit the break for Corey Blake’s far more eloquent interrogation of the problem.

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COMIXOLOGY launches online self-publishing platform for indie creators.


Do you hear this, Allen Drinkwater? Comixology is launching a self-publishing platform for indie creators. You just need to maintain a level of professionalism in the content submitted, which  is pretty much okay for Omega Level’s sponsored creator. ‘Cause the dude is beasting.

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Warren Ellis on DIGITAL COMICS and the walled-in gardens.

Over at Robot 6, Chris Arrant has a pretty gnarly interview with Warren Ellis. They talk about a variety of topics, but the one that caught my attention was Ellis’ exposition on the state of digital comics. Specifically, my Master touched on the uncomfortable fact about services such as comiXology. Aside from its insipid name.

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Eight-Year-Old Geoff John’s ‘HE-MAN’ CHARACTER Debuts On comiXology; Oh Hey Neat

The big buzz this weekend in the funny book world is centered on a character that Geoff Johns created back when he was eight years-old. His name is Sir Laser Lot, and while I haven’t read the comic I’m pretty sure it’s better than the New 52 run of Justice League. Also, little known fact: when Geoff Johns was thirteen he created an Earth-17 character that was Hal Jordan and Barry Allen stuck in a permanent 69. The name of the character was “Every storyline I’ll ever write.”

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Marvel is going ahead and locking up their digital comic book distributor, working exclusively with comiXology from here on in. Note that this is for single-issue. A worthy detail to appreciate.\

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ComiXology Collects Hickmans’s Image Minis Into One Digital Bundle. TREMENDOUS

Welcome to the power of the digital. This is fucking *awesome*. In order to promote Hickman’s latest series The Manhattan Projects, comiXology is packaging all of the dude-scribe-wizard’s miniseries into one $35 bundle. Can you fucking fathom this?

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ComiXology Has Had Over 50 Million Downloads; How Many Are Paid Though?

comiXology may very well be the shape of comic book things to come. You know, when the funny book farms have their doors closed and their windows shuttered.  Some interesting stats have been revealed about the service, namely how many downloads there have been and just how big of a month last goddamn December was for them.

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Digital Comics Market *Triples* To $25 Million. Intangible High-Five!

The comics market is withering. Maybe! Biggest January in the direct market since 2008, and now there’s news that the digital market has tripled. I find this news to be, as some are wont to say, ballin’ out of control.

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Image Comics Goes Same Day Digital With Graphic.ly And ComiXology. It Continues.

Let me tell you something. I can’t fucking find a copy of Red Wing #3. Because comic book stores suck my ass! Naw, I love them. I really do. But I can’t find a third issue of Hickman’s space-time-continuum-fucking opus anywhere. Soon when I can’t pull this off, I’m just going to fucking download it onto an iPad. Same day.

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