COMIXOLOGY launches online self-publishing platform for indie creators.


Do you hear this, Allen Drinkwater? Comixology is launching a self-publishing platform for indie creators. You just need to maintain a level of professionalism in the content submitted, which  is pretty much okay for Omega Level’s sponsored creator. ‘Cause the dude is beasting.

The Verge:

Digital distribution has spurred new interest in self-publishing, with storefronts like Apple’s iBookstore creating special tools for authors who work outside the traditional publisher model. At the same time, Comixology has helped bring digital versions of traditional comics into the mainstream, creating a broad platform that moved beyond either webcomics or titles from single publishing houses. Now, Comixology is launching Submit, its own publishing tool for indie authors.

Opened in private beta last year, Submit lets creators upload comics for approval. From there, Comixology reviews work to make sure it “maintains a level of professional content,” then adds it to the catalog. Besides getting a storefront, authors will have their work formatted for Comixology’s mobile apps, with a panel-by-panel view that’s proved useful on small screens. In return, they’ll give up a hefty chunk of revenue: there’s no up-front fee, but Comixology keeps half the money from each sale, and like other in-app purchases, sales through the iOS app will see Apple take an additional cut.

Submit isn’t the only self-publishing tool for comics: similar service Graphicly has been around for several years, and it’s possible to create and submit graphic novels with iBooks Author. Authors who publish through Comixology can also still sell their books on other platforms.