Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions has closed, ending a weird and bummer of a time

cliff bleszinski boss key closes

Today, CliffyB, aka Dude Huge, aka the creator of Gears of War has announced that his games studio has closed its doors. It was a weird time, to be a fan of his, during this Boss Key Productions saga. They created the preposterously boastful and cataclysmically unsuccessful Lawbreakers. Then, they attempted to quickly pivot into the Battle Royale arena. And, now, they’re no more.

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‘LawBreakers’ Gameplay Trailer: Cliff Bleszinski’s Unreal Return to Arenas

Cliff Bleszinski’s next FPS is ‘LawBreakers’ with his new studio Boss Key


Cliffy B has finally revealed the game his studio and he have been working on for nearly two years. Motherfucker is called LawBreakers, and it sounds like a wonderful throwback to the arena shooters of old.

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NO DUH: Cliff Bleszinski’s new game is a F2P arena shooter


So Cliffy B’s new game has been revealed. Announced. And…? It’s a free-to-play arena shooter. Not too surprising. Considering Dude fucking Huge dropped months ago that he wanted to work on…a F2P arena shooter. Still though. Color me excited. (It’s boner-stretching pink. That’s the hue you use on me for excited.)

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Cliff (DUDE F**KING HUGE) Bleszinski Creates BOSS KEY Game Studio

Boss Key.

The curtain has been *somewhat* pulled back on Cliffy B’s next gaming venture. Cliffy’s new game studio was initially uncovered through the sniffing of various legal paper trails by people smarter, and more dedicated than me. And now their website has officially launched! But what I can add is that no matter what sort of light ribbing I give Dude Huge, I’m super stoked for whatever he has coming up next. His titles are the very essence of BROMEGA LEVEL

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Cliff (DUDE F**KING HUGE) Bleszinski is making games again!


Dude Huge is back. The Czar of Hardcore Dorkey Masquerading As Really Cool Bro Nation is returning to the arena. That arena being gaming. And I couldn’t be happier. The world is Less without the Guiding Hand of phalliodestruction blitzkrieg joystick manipulation.

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DUDE HUGE (Cliff Bleszinski) wants to make FIRST-PERSON ARENA SHOOTER on PC. Old School Stylee.

Dude Huge.

Dude Huge has revealed his want. His burning desire. After leaving Gears of War and Epic like two years or go whatever, he’s been relatively quiet. No anymore. This want? It is a return to old-school arena shooters. Fuck to the yes.

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Cliff Bleszinski continues TEASING NEW IP.

Cliffy's something.

Just what the fuck is Dude Huge making here? Cliffy B has continued teasing a new IP, and frankly judging from the images dropped I have nary a clue as to the genre of the title.

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DUDE HUGE has teased us with a glimpse at his NEXT FUCKING PROJECT. The image itself doesn’t really do anything for me. I imagine it doesn’t do much for anyone. However, what it represents is something special. It works deep into my testicles, tingling them and reminding them of a gaming world where HUGE DUDES canvassed the Earth. The gaming industry is much more lively when CliffyB is dropping games on our asses. In our asses. Everywhere.

Hit the jump for more info. Oh, and the image.

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Watch: ‘GEARS OF WAR’ creator Cliffy B shaves his head for charity. Righteous ++

Cliff Bleszinski.

I like myself some Cliffy B. Despite all the shiznit that I throw Gears of War‘ way, I both respect the franchise and its creator. In fact, since the duder has left the industry on a sabbatical I’ve been eagerly anticipating whatever the fuck he is going to do next. One of the things the good lad has been up to on his siesta is raising money for charity by shaving his dome-piece.

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