Cliff (DUDE F**KING HUGE) Bleszinski is making games again!


Dude Huge is back. The Czar of Hardcore Dorkey Masquerading As Really Cool Bro Nation is returning to the arena. That arena being gaming. And I couldn’t be happier. The world is Less without the Guiding Hand of phalliodestruction blitzkrieg joystick manipulation.

Former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski announced his return to the video game industry this week, and plans to reveal details on his new project “in the next seven days.” 21 months after departing a studio he’d served for 20 years, the 39-year-old tweeted, “It’s going to be a blast to finally tell the story of what brought me back.”

In 2012, Bleszinski said he left the company to pursue a fresh start, and that would be a matter of “when and with who.” The Unreal and Gears of War designer also fueled rumors by posting several photos of his visits to major studios, including EA, Zynga and Activision. Then last August, he began posting concept art for an upcoming project. 

“I have a slide deck, I have a pitch, I have concept art, I know pretty much what I want do,” Blesinzski said on the Pointless podcast in December 2013, revealing his desire to create a PC arena first-person shooter with its roots in classic games of the same ilk.

Don’t hold out for Gears of More, though. As he said back in 2012, “I don’t want really want the whole chainsaw gun thing to be my legacy,” Well, there’s always the Cliffy B thing too. [Joystiq]