‘LawBreakers’ Gameplay Trailer: Cliff Bleszinski’s Unreal Return to Arenas

This game is going to be so fucking glorious. Like. Just watching it shoves me back into an *even* deeper pile of Doritos dust, manic depression, and heavy metal mp3s. I love it.


Earlier this week former Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski finally unveiled his much anticipated new game, a free-to-play, multiplayer shooter called LawBreakers. But the announcement didn’t include a look at the actual game, instead settling for a trailer that was a mix of live-action and CG. But today you can actually take a look at LawBreakersin action thanks to a brief new gameplay trailer.

LawBreakers will be the first release from Bleszinski’s new 40-person studio Boss Key, and it’s a five-on-five, team-based shooter where law enforcement squares off against criminals. It takes place in a world where the laws of gravity don’t always apply, and based on the new trailer it looks like that will result in some lightning fast, very vertical combat. The trailer shows off some of the game’s characters, as well as what looks to be a big range of futuristic weapons. Plus, there’s jetpacks.