Next ‘Mad Max’ movie officially a Furiosa prequel, not starring Charlize Theron. I’m bummed! But stoked!

mad max furiosa prequel

The next Mad Max is confirmed to be a Furiosa prequel, folks. Unfortunately, it ain’t starring Charlize Theron. Initial thoughts? Bummer. But, Miller also successfully recast Max, so I trust the dude.

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‘Atomic Blonde’ sequel in the works, Charlize Theron confirms. Praise the ultra-violent, ultra-violet gods

atomic blonde sequel

Man, I dug the fuck out of Atomic Blonde. Furthermore, it appears that a good amount of you filthy omega-scrubs did as well, cause it’s getting a sequel.

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‘Atomic Blonde’ Trailer #2: I Chose This Life

I’m not gonna lie (NGL!), I can’t even watch this trailer. I’m too fucking excited for Atomic Blonde. My personal hype levels are already redlining, and I imagine this next glimpse into the flick will break me.

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‘Atomic Blonde’ Red Band Trailer: Charlize Theron Goes John Wick

Holy shit. Charlize Theron has teamed-up with one of the directors of the original John Wick for one gorgeous heaping of ultra-sexy ultra-violence. Theron is a Cold War operative dealing out all sorts of Wick-esque fury, while still finding time to seduce various spies and look intimidating doing both.

Warning. This Red Band trailer is RED BAND AS FUCK.

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First Look: Vin Diesel shares photo of entire cast of ‘Fast 8’

First Look: Charlize Theron in ‘Fast 8’

Furious 7 Theron

I love the fact that Theron is wearing a Metallica shirt. That way you know she’s playing a total bad ass in Fast 8, duh.

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Charlize Theron in talks to play ‘Fast 8’ villain

Charlize Theron.

All the easy Fast and Furious Road jokes. Insert them right here. Then move along to the news.

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David Fincher and Charlize Theron’s project ‘Mind Hunter’ picked up by Netflix

David Fincher.

Apparently David Fincher has a long gestating project with Charlize Theron! Who knew! Doubly apparently, this project has toiled away in development hell for a good long while, but it is finally going to gain traction.

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OL’s Official ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Post-Apocalyptic Discussion Post


So, I haven’t even *seen* Mad Max: Fury Road yet, but a lot of the regulars around here have. And so I figured it would make the most sense to give you folks (and me, tonight, around 10pm!) a space to discuss the movie. In all its fucking glory, in a spoiler-filled, Thunderdome-esque genitals-rubbing cataclysmic post.

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‘John Wick’ directors join Charlize Theron for ‘The Coldest City’

Charlize Theron.

Man. Them motherfuckers from that (fucking amazing) John Wick flick are straight-up everywhere. And I will join them!, wherever the fuck they go.

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