‘Atomic Blonde’ Trailer #2: I Chose This Life

I’m not gonna lie (NGL!), I can’t even watch this trailer. I’m too fucking excited for Atomic Blonde. My personal hype levels are already redlining, and I imagine this next glimpse into the flick will break me.


If Charlize Theron‘s current goal is to firmly establish herself in the action movie pantheon, she’s doing one helluva job. She was already there thanks to her work in Mad Max: Fury Road (and playing a villain in The Fate of the Furious certainly helps), but there’s probably no faster way to action immortality than teaming up with one of the co-directors of John Wick.

Enter Atomic Blonde, the new film from David Leitch, which finds Theron playing a spy sent on a deadly mission to Berlin during the Cold War, where she has to, you know, kill everyone.

I saw Atomic Blonde at its world premiere at SXSW and I had a great time with it. This is the kind of action movie that values style over substance, but the style is so slick and so entertaining and pulled off with such bravura by the cast and crew that it’s hard to complain. Even when the film gets bogged down in its plotting, you know that there’s another bone-splitting action scene right around the corner. And until the bullets and fists start flying, you can just enjoy Theron glowering as she changes into outfit after outfit, usually with a mood-setting ’80s song blasting on the soundtrack.