Brian Wood taking over ‘Spawn’ with 250th issue with Jonboy Meyers on art.

The Return.

I haven’t enjoyed (or more specifically, read) Spawn for like…half a lifetime. Literally. I’m thirty-one. I fucking worshipped it when I was probably fifteen. But man. When I loved that comic, I fucking *loved* it. Same goes for Sam and Twitch when Bendis was penning it. But yeah. Like. Half a life has passed and the question has been, “what could ever get me to read the title again?” I’ve found the answer. Brian Wood.

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OMEGA-LINKS: We’ve Got (Brian) Wood for Net Neutrality, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’


I’ve been fucking BUSY lately. This means several things. First, I’m eating three sandwiches at 4 a.m. while weeping into my Fleshlight. Second, I’m not reading or playing nearly as much as I want to. And third, I have a fucking STACK of articles I haven’t been able to share with you fucks. So color this a Space-Ship Colonic. ‘Cause I’m flushing them links out in one post. We got everything from Brian Wood, to Guardians of the Galaxy, to Netflix slap-fighting with the FCC.

Something ain’t here? Share your own noteworthy nuggets from this week.

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ELLIS and SHALVEY leaving ‘MOON KNIGHT.’ Aw, man.

Moon Knight.

I spent a good amount of time (okay not forever, but for a guy with ADD it felt like typing it took eons) in this week’s comics column talking about how I was going to check out Moon Knight. ‘Cause Ellis/Shalvey. And now it turns out the duo that had me torqued on the title are leaving. However! It is none other than Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood taking over the reins to the Moon Steed. So, I’m conflicted.

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BRIAN WOOD and RICCARDO BURCHIELLI’s ‘DMZ’ getting TV adaptation.


Matty Roth lives! Fuck yes! First impression on hearing this news. DMZ coming to TV! Awesome! Second impression on hearing this news. Oh Fuck It’s On Syfy? Third impression on hearing this news. Some people from Mad Men are involved? Hope springs eternal!

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BRIAN WOOD teases NEW COMIC following in the footsteps of ‘NORTHLANDERS.’

Brian Wood.

Northlanders died too young a death because you assholes were too busy buying the Civil War: Infinity Crisis 2: Secret Legion tie-ins to support the fledgling little Vikings comics. I spit on your corpse for that! But perhaps I shall find eternal peace now, a stoic repose, because Brian Wood seems to be hinting at a comic that shall follow in its footsteps. Sans Vikings. Or something. Fuck ya’ll.

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Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (8/28/13) Drrrrrrty Pop!


Hey, kids!  So it’s Wednesday, and I assume we’ve all calmed down after flipping our collective shits from the pop-culture orgy/last-train-to-nowhere that is the VMAs.  I’m old, and pop music gets me all kinds of jaded, but the VMAs still managed to teach me a lesson:  America THRIVES on nostalgia, even nostalgia that isn’t even 20 years old (see the above pic).  I, myself, am currently gushing over an “event” book that, when boiled down to its essentials, is nothing more than a comic scientifically engineered to tickle my 12-year-old pickle.  Thanos is my Justin Timberlake.  N’Sync are my Infinity Gems.  Comic books, particularly superhero ones, are every bit as nostalgic and regressive as the boy-bands and teen vixens of pop music.  So while I scoff at the proles going batshit over 10 year old hooks sang by grown men with receding hair lines trying their damndest to recreate moves no thirtysomething should have to attempt (looking at you Fat One), I massage my own nostalgia-boner to pretty pictures of ageless Avengers saddling up for one last ride into the aether in a story not quite called Infinity Gauntlet 2:  The Soich For More Money, but may as well be.

Say my name!  “Hypocrite.”  You’re goddamned right.

So hit the jump and let’s get nostalgic, shall we?

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MMC - Cheers.


Hello, friends. This is Monday Morning Commute. Within these walls, we share the various functions and safety valves we’re utilizing to get us through the daily week. Not only that, it is a post used as a general “this is what’s up in my world” sort of bullshit community building exercise. I hope you’re all well.

Let’s party.

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Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel launching a women-only ‘X-MEN’ TITLE.

Women-only X-Men title? I suppose it would fry the synapses of fan-people if they deviated from the ever-marketable franchise moniker, even if it was to emphasize the ladies only experience. Whatever. None the less. I’m really excited for this endeavor, with two of my more favorite creators collaborating on the joint.

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Buy These F**king Comics! – Dec 12, 2012: Fetish Objects, Fanboys, and Glazed Thighs

Welcome to Buy These F**king Comics!, the weekly column where we share the various sequential treats we’re gobbling up off the shelves. The wonder of this column is audience participation. No shirts, no shoes required! Just sit there in your dingy underwear, your sweat, and seminal soaked (oh man am I typecasting our lot or what?) t-shirts and recommend a slurry of titles for me to check out. Don’t know what being snapped into brown plastic bags this week?  Hit up Comic List.

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Buy These Frakin’ Comics! – November 13, 2012: No Saga is complete without a magical phallus!

Out of the darkness emerges a hero! It ain’t me. That hero comes along, smashes me in the gullet, and drags my corpse into the creak whilst I scream. What I can do is welcome you back to Buy These Frakin’ Comics! It’s been over a month since I saddled up to this column and shared the juicy pink comic bits I want to be snagging on a given Wednesday. Better yet? It’s been over two months since I actually snagged the funnies off a rack. Busy, man. Jaded, woman. I return today, hoping to double down on some PMA and ride the sequential artwork once more. In this here column we gather round, scratching dander out of our cracks while sharing the comic books we’re buying. Don’t see your fave rag in my list? Good. Audience participation is crucial, and I’m always looking for new finds.

Not sure what is coming out? Hit up Comic List.

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