MMC - Cheers.


Hello, friends. This is Monday Morning Commute. Within these walls, we share the various functions and safety valves we’re utilizing to get us through the daily week. Not only that, it is a post used as a general “this is what’s up in my world” sort of bullshit community building exercise. I hope you’re all well.

Let’s party.


X-Men #1.

I totally bought and enjoyed X-Men #1

Yeah, I bought a comic book from the Big Two! Ha! Rendar dismissed me from the family, citing irreconciable differences. JK! He vetted the comic. Told me it was okay to procure it. First thoughts? Fuck yeah! As per most first issues, the title spend most of the time establishing the structures that shall guild the title. Thankfully these structures are established by Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel. What a fucking beast of a team.


Chara smash.

NHL playoff hockey is fantastic

Yeah, the Brothers Omega’s team is still in the playoffs. Even without them, the season is fantastic. I mean Lords of Kobol, watching the Chicago Blackhawks is a fucking privilege. They’re an indestructible wagon as of this writing.


Orphan Black.

Orphan Black

I really want to watch this show.


No Internet.

I was without the Internet & TV this weekend

It didn’t come back until today. Fuck me until my spine shatters, how did I ever survive without both? It was pretty fucking sad how lost I felt without this two utilities. Not only that, but I live on the ground level of a condominum complex. So even my fucking phone didn’t work! I was miserable, but maybe it was for the best. If anything, I have been betraying Uncle Ray lately. In Fahrenheit 451, he espouses the need for leisure. The necessary time dedicated to mulling over the Universe. This is an activity I haven’t been enjoying lately. Instead, I’ve been filling my life with Info-Streams, Polygons, and Useless Idiot-Box Pictures. I won’t deny that they may serve a good purpose, but I have been ingesting far-too-large portions of them all.

The Stillness of the Weekend was a great reminder of that.


Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones

It broke both Twitter and Facebook last night. That said, I haven’t seen the episode. I’ve read the third book, so I know what’s coming, but I imagine it’ll still be a difficult watch.


Book store.

Book stores are awesome

Let me tell you how wonderful actual bookstores happen to be. I hadn’t been in one in God, a year or some shit. But with a few hours to kill (thanks to no TV & Internet) and a gift card from Mrs. Caff-Pow’s family, I figured I would take to the local B&N. As I strolled through the admittedly corporate installation, I still found myself recalling just why I loved literature so much. You see, going through graduate school for English is essentially a lesson in deconstructionist cynicism. Class after class is dedicated to wanky nonsense, and finding ways in which the author comes off Culturally Offensive Way X. Certainly there is some value in interrogating texts. I don’t knock that. However, it comes at a cost. Namely, you become a jaded asshole who no longer views literature as inspiration. As a miracle of creation. Worlds upon worlds. (I don’t think I’m alone, I posted about this on the Face-Space and more than a dozen of my grad school friends agreed.) Strolling through B&N, basking in the unexplored and foreign worlds made me giddy as a kid again. As convenient as Amazon can be – and I use it all the time – there is something about picking up a book that I’ve never heard of, and reading through it that is invigorating. Maybe it’s the potential that lies within. I have no idea. I just enjoyed it.


What are you lovely people up to this week? What are enjoying? What have you been doing?