BRIAN WOOD teases NEW COMIC following in the footsteps of ‘NORTHLANDERS.’

Brian Wood.

Northlanders died too young a death because you assholes were too busy buying the Civil War: Infinity Crisis 2: Secret Legion tie-ins to support the fledgling little Vikings comics. I spit on your corpse for that! But perhaps I shall find eternal peace now, a stoic repose, because Brian Wood seems to be hinting at a comic that shall follow in its footsteps. Sans Vikings. Or something. Fuck ya’ll.

In 2007 Brian Wood led a proverbial raiding party of Vikings into the comics landscape with the Vertigo seriesNorthlanderswhich was canceled in 2012 after 50 issues. But now Wood is plotting a return to the history books and the battlefields, only not at the DC Comics imprint.

In a blog post titled “On Vikings — or lack thereof,” Wood explains he always planned to revisit Northlanders given the intense research and unpublished stories. But when it came time to working it up, something happened.

“I had made it something of a priority, actually, and have been telling people about it. Now, I don’t know,” Wood revealed. “Maybe that’s lazy of me. Also, perhaps dangerous to try and capture past glories. Maybe it’s better to do something new, to pick a different historical era and create rather than repeat? To do something as out-of-the-box as Northlanders was at the time. So I probably will. I already know what it is.  Try and guess.”

With that, Wood posted the above graphic — a white X on a red background with the text “From the creator ofNorthlanders.” Wood’s challenge for fans to “try and guess” what the teaser means has already led to some theories. At first glance, the X might seem tied into Marvel’s X-Men, especially considering Wood is writing two X-Men titles, but given the tone and the promotion of this announcement I’d wager to believe it’s something entirely different. Some might say it’s reminiscent of a Confederate flag, but Twitter user @FullPageBleed suggests the graphic may be the the shield of the historical figure Richard Neville from the Wars of the Roses.

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