he's totally using mind powers and shit i promise

Awww yeah, Cap! You take that mask off for me! Hunka hunka burning Patriotism. Seriously though. Thirty-seconds of Winter Soldier action right here. How much new stuff? Prolly pretty much like .0002 seconds. I dun care! It dun matter! Stoked.

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BRIAN WOOD teases NEW COMIC following in the footsteps of ‘NORTHLANDERS.’

Brian Wood.

Northlanders died too young a death because you assholes were too busy buying the Civil War: Infinity Crisis 2: Secret Legion tie-ins to support the fledgling little Vikings comics. I spit on your corpse for that! But perhaps I shall find eternal peace now, a stoic repose, because Brian Wood seems to be hinting at a comic that shall follow in its footsteps. Sans Vikings. Or something. Fuck ya’ll.

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FARYL DALRYMPLE getting gorgeous collection ‘DELUSIONAL’ in September.


I fell in love with Faryl Dalrymple with his work on Prophet, and I have been following the good sir since. The only problem is the duder is prolific as fuck. Good luck hunting down all his sheezy! Good news for scrubs like me, though. Dalrymple is getting his own collection this September.

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BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and MARCOS MARTIN tease their new project. Yes x Everything.


Pop quiz! How do you give me a boner? Oh, okay. Yes, yes, yes. Aside from showing me pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness while whispering, “All of this will be yours in a Star Wars format.” You do it by showing me a preview of the upcoming Brian K. Vaughan collaboration with Marcos Martin.

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CM PUNK writing introduction to ‘AvX’ hardcover. That’s about right.

If you’re late to the game or new to the site, it is worth mentioning that I think AvX was a steaming pile of “refresh”-powered nonsense. I don’t think anything proves my point more than the fact that they’ve brought in a wrestler to do the introduction. I know he’s a legit comics fan, but. I don’t know. I suppose there isn’t really any purpose to bringing in someone with insight to a slug fest batch of hot water crap.

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‘BUTCHER BAKER: THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER’ has ended. Dammit. I weep ultraviolent super sexualized tears.

No sooner do I get my rocks off celebrating the release of a new issue of Butcher Baker: Righteous Maker does news arrive that the comic book has been canceled. It wasn’t just canceled all peacefully like, either. Son of a bitch has become the center of an imbroglio between the two creators.

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Image Published Eric Stephenson: Independent Comics As Movie Pitches Ain’t Bad.

Eric Stephenson isn’t just Image Comics’ publisher, he’s also an opinionated dude with an interesting vision of the evolving market. The good sir has recently taken to his blog to expound on the virtues of independent comics as movie pitches.

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Marvel Continues Teasing Possible ‘ULTIMATE’ Crossover In New ‘SPIDER-MEN’ Promo. 616-U?

Marvel continues to tease the tip when it comes to some sort of crossover involving both Peter Parker and the Spider-Man of their Ultimate universe. I can’t recall a time when they’ve riffed on this sort of interaction between the two universes, but if they’re going to do it they might as well do it with their best character. Yeah, that’s right. Miles Morales.

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