FARYL DALRYMPLE getting gorgeous collection ‘DELUSIONAL’ in September.


I fell in love with Faryl Dalrymple with his work on Prophet, and I have been following the good sir since. The only problem is the duder is prolific as fuck. Good luck hunting down all his sheezy! Good news for scrubs like me, though. Dalrymple is getting his own collection this September.

Comics Alliance:

Whether he’s creating his own comics and illustrations from scratch or contributing to anthologies or magazines, Farel Dalrymple is just plain prolific. He’s always releasing something and it’s always worth checking out. This is both a blessing and a — well, certainly not a curse — but maybe a slight inconvenience when it comes to tracking down everything the artist releases. Come September, AdHouse will come to the aid of completists with Delusional, a 232-page, 6×9″ hardcover collecting a number of comics and illustrations many fans of the Pop Gun WarProphetOmega the UnknownVice Magazine and Study Group artist may not have had the chance to check out just yet.

Check out Comics Alliance’s story for the gorgeous preview.