Watch: Key & Peele: East West Bowl 3: Pro Edition – Now With Real Athletes

Key & Peele’s East West Bowl skits are some of their most famous. So I imagine it was only a matter of time before they began bumping into the people they were poking fun at.

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‘Episode VII’ Rumors: This may be the very general plot!

Star Wars.

Perchance, perhaps, this is the very first leak of Episode VII’s plot. I cheated. I peeked. But I don’t feel particularly ruined. More piqued.

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Alan Moore.

The Grand Warlock of the comics scene has announced an open-source digital comics app, appropriately (?) titled “Electricomics.” Which I probably spelled wrong. WHATEVER, YO. Anyways. The entire enterprise is still a bit murky. It’s a digital creation tool, for anyone? But it’s also an anthology starring Moore and others? Or both?

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NASA offering $6 Million to help solve their ASTEROID CAPTURING PLAN’S problems


NASA is offering a hefty bag of loot to anyone who can help unfuck their plans to capture an asteroid. And tow that son of a bitch to the Moon. Okay maybe “unfuck” is the wrong word. How about “assist in the surmounting of the more problematic issues” regarding this rad as fuck plan?

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‘ASSASSIN’S CREED: UNITY’ Trailer: Next-Gen Parisian Neck Stabbing

Assassin's Creed - Unity

Ubisoft has pulled up their knickers and given the gaming world a taste of their next Assassin’s Creed game. The son of a bitch is next-gen only, and will (at the very least) let you roam the streets of France and get your stabby-stabby, stealthy-stealthy on.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (2.19.14) – Guardians of the Galaxy Shameless Clickbait!

hey there

Sexy, glistening space abs sell.  It’s science.  Marvel would do well to put Chris Pratt’s prison-hosedown scene on the cover of every comic from here to August 1st.  We here at Omega-Level are no dummies, and plan on flooding the page with all the Star-Lord gut muscle you can handle, and probably a few more than that.  To that end we’ll also provide some Guardians of the Galaxy related content, as this week in BTFC I’ll be showing you some comics to go check out now that you’ve been thoroughly wow-ed by the movie trailer.  Even though the GoG are generally considered comic-book third-stringers, come August they’ll be as big (or bigger) than the Avengers, and it’s our duty to provide you the research material to impress your friends and neighbors with GoG factoids.  So hit the jump and learn about some books that will get you on your way to being that Guardians fan you always claimed to be.

A full list of this week’s releases can be found HERE.

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TONY JAA from ‘ONG BAK’ joins ‘FAST & FURIOUS 7.’ F**K YES.

Tony Jaa.

Eat my ass, Expendables. Or actually — don’t. Your old man jaws will be far too unforgiving on my palatable backside. But anyways. That franchise has nothing on this rival “everyone you can fucking think of” cinematic experience. The latest addition? Tony Jaa has joined the cast of Fast & Furious 7, making him yet another dope addition to the sequel to this summer’s empirically superior movie.

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US District Court says BITCOIN is REAL MONEY.

Homeboy is taking his talents to the fucking Bitcoin.

Ah, my fluid-covered copy of Neuromancer loves this development. A US District Court Judge Person said that Bitcoin can be used as actual money. Naw I’m not really sure about all the legalese behind it, I just know that this is the future that Max Headroom promised me.

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…or Scorpion, if he is your favorite video game character with a burning dome piece.  Travis Rector has taken a hell of a photo of this particular planetary nebula, and a lot went into it that frankly fries my own skull. Setting it also ablaze. Some sort of circle of life type shit.

Hit the jump for a full look at the beautiful bitty, as well as for some more info.

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FARYL DALRYMPLE getting gorgeous collection ‘DELUSIONAL’ in September.


I fell in love with Faryl Dalrymple with his work on Prophet, and I have been following the good sir since. The only problem is the duder is prolific as fuck. Good luck hunting down all his sheezy! Good news for scrubs like me, though. Dalrymple is getting his own collection this September.

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