Alan Moore.

The Grand Warlock of the comics scene has announced an open-source digital comics app, appropriately (?) titled “Electricomics.” Which I probably spelled wrong. WHATEVER, YO. Anyways. The entire enterprise is still a bit murky. It’s a digital creation tool, for anyone? But it’s also an anthology starring Moore and others? Or both?

Writer Alan Moore of WatchmenV For VendettaTop 10, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen acclaim is teaming up with a team of researchers and an app developer to create “Electricomics,” a new platform that a press release claims will enable ”digital comics to be made by anyone.”

The release isn’t entirely clear about just what Electricomics is or what the app does. In some places, the release refers to Electricomics as a 32-page digital comic book with four new stories by Moore and other creators, while other spots refer to it as a digital-comic-making tool. Presumably it’s both, though how it will work as both things (and whether it will serve as a distribution platform) isn’t really spelled out.

Here’s what the release says about it:

As a publicly funded research and development project, Electricomics will be free to explore the possibilities of the comic medium, without the constraints of the industry.

So it’s pretty vague. Moore himself added this:

Rather than simply transferring comic narrative from the page to the screen, we intend to craft stories expressly devised to test the storytelling limits of this unprecedented technology. To this end we are assembling teams of the most cutting edge creators in the industry and then allowing them input into the technical processes in order to create a new capacity for telling comic book stories.

According to the release, the four new stories in the 32-page comic will be Big Nemo, in which Moore will “revisit Winsor McKay’s most popular hero,” Little Nemo; Cabaret Amygdala, a “modernist horror” by writer Peter Hogan; Red Horse, a World War I comic by Garth Ennis and Peter Snejbjerg, and Sway, a time-travel story by Leah Moore and John Reppion.

Moore’s daughter Leah, who is writing Sway, will serve as editor.

The app will be developed by Ocasta Studios, which has made apps for brands including Virgin Media and Vodafone. Researchers on the project include a Lecturer in media arts at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education and a senior lecturer at The University of Hertfordshire. [Comics Alliance]

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