‘Extraordinary X-Men’ is new flashship X-Title, post-‘Secret Wars.’


Extraordinary X-Men is going to be Marvel’s flagship X-Title coming out of Secret Wars. The team seems comprimised of a pretty interesting cast of character, and more importantly: Jeff Lemire is penning it.

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Brian Michael Bendis is leaving ‘Uncanny X-Men’, signs new exclusive contract with Marvel

Brian Marvel Bendis.

Brian Michael Bendis is leaving Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men. Which is no big whoop to me, because I didn’t dig Uncanny and All-New went stale potato chip over the course of twenty issues or so. However, I do give a big whoop about the creator signing a new exclusive contract with Marvel. It’s uh, big news or something?

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Marvel announces final issues of ‘Avengers’ and ‘New Avengers’ ahead of ‘Secret Wars’


BECAUSE OF COURSE. It seems like every fucking event these days brings with it the final issues of major titles, only to relaunch them with some new adjective after the fact. Uncanny Forceful Nouveau Avengers, here we come. However, I suppose I got to rock the Serenity Prayer and simply accept it as part and parcel of the current Big Two Comic Climate.

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Frank Cho returnin’ to that creator-owned comic book grind

Frank Cho.

Frank Cho’s going creator-owned once more! The talented dude, whose work I struggle to appreciate amid his overwhelming cheesecake vibe, has revealed a couple of comics springing up out of his mind. The first one is World of Payne, and it’s dropping in 2015.

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The highest quality copy of ‘Action Comics #1’ being sold on eBay

Action Comics #1.

Call in this debts. Sell those organs. Dance in the dumpster behind 7-Eleven while I flick quarters at you, yelling “eat the banana peel! eat it!” You’re going to need every last dollar if you want to buy this copy of Action Comics #1.

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Ohhh man. You can hear the fanboys pulling their pubes out in hatred. Gnashing their teeth, particles of enamel and specks of drool hitting their keyboard as they type in hate. A female Thor? And now a black Captain America? Gracious.

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Thunderously Awesome: Marvel’s New Thor is going to be a woman.


Nary a week ago my fiancee told me she wanted to be Thor. She asked if there was a female equivalent, and I said Valkyrie. But I followed it up by saying fuck that. You be Thor, if that’s what you’re feeling. Don’t take some mitigated, half-character. Bullshit. And now my prophetic suggestion has become fucking canon. This ain’t “Lady Thor”, this ain’t “Femme 63 Thor”, it’s the bonafide God of Thunder.

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Jason Aaron + Ron Garney dropping creator-owned ‘Men of Wrath.’ F**k yeah

Men of Wrath.

Jason Aaron and Ron Garney are taking their talents to Marvel’s Icon imprint. The two dudes are using the publishing venue to hang Men of Wrath on the world, which has me sold based on the fucking title alone.

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BATMAN getting two new titles from BECKY CLOONAN and others

Gotham Academy

Yeah, I’ll admit it. When I read the headline yesterday that there were new Batman titles coming, I sort of rolled my eyes. Being derisive from the jump doesn’t pay, folks. Because one of these fucking comics is being written by Becky fucking Cloonan, and there is a collection of talent throughout both titles. Consider me persuaded.

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Elden Henson cast as FOGGY NELSON in ‘Daredevil.’ THE SHOW GETS MIGHTY

foggy nelson

Foggy Nelson has been cast! Motherfuckin’ Mighty Ducks alum Elden Henson has joined the cast of Netflix-Marvel-TV-Time joint Daredevil. The world is better for it.

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