Michael Caine says he once spent eight years trying not to blink. Absolute fucking madman, no?

michael caine eight years not blinking

Apparently motherfucking Michael Caine spent eight years trying not to blink. With this news stuffed into my gullet, I’d like to think this project is why he was so gloriously fucking unhinged in On Deadly Ground. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, that movie is a fucking delight.

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‘Resident Evil’ movie franchise getting six-film reboot, because uh yeah wait why

resident evil six movie reboot

Resident Evil is getting itself a six-movie reboot. I’ve never been particularly *against* this franchise, having enjoyed what I’ve seen for its comically ridiculous execution. But, man. These studious really going hard with the enormity of their announcements. Six movies? Why…why don’t you take it a bit slower?

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‘It’ Teaser Trailer: You Will Fear Clowns. Again.

I’ve never read It. I haven’t watched the original It in twenty-years. So, I don’t give a sh(it) (ha!) about this trailer. I hope you King folks enjoy it, though!

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Louis C.K. Announces Two New Stand-Up Specials Coming To Netflix

louis c.k. netflix two specials

Louis C.K. got himself two new stand-up specials coming to Netflix. Which is fantastic news to me.  Yeah, real profound copy. I know. Fuck.

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Views From The Space-Ship: It Looks Fine. You Look Fine. You Look Good.


It’s another installment of Desktop Thursdays! Here, on the Precipice of Christmas, and a variety of other under marketed holidays turned excuses for consumerism. Desktop Thursday! Where I show you my world(s). Honestly — sort of a slow week for this guy. That’s okay, that’s okay. I’m allowed, I’m allowed. So come, come friends. Leap beyond the jump and check out my existence. Then, if you’re so bold, if you’re so kind, if you’re so bold-kind, share your own world(s) in the comments section.

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‘Riverdale’ Teaser Trailer: Archie And Friends Go Sexy Murder Mystery

Here’s a Riverdale teaser trailer for you all. I, uh, I don’t know? I don’t read Archie or watch CW. This, this is pretty far outside my wheelhouse. But um, should you be fans of either, I hope you enjoy this.

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OMEGA-CAST #20: Doctor Strange’s Socratic Flatulence


The latest descent into adolescent sophistry, scatalogical humor, and irredeemable buffoonery is upon you, folks. Gnash your teeth at The God That Forgot You and curse It for allowing us to continue our podcast.

This latest iteration covers a typical gamut of garbage.

Feauring such topics as “Eating only broccoli that women have farted on” and “Hipster Or Homeless? should be a game show.”

If that hasn’t sent you away, we also mock both Liberals and Trumpers, have half-hearted conversations about Doctor Strange and Arrival, and psychoanalyze Bateman’s childhood pants-shitting and subsequent life-long catastrophic psychological trauma.

We hope you’ll join us!

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Telltale’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Game Is Official. Teaser Right Here!

‘The Mummy’ Teaser Trailer: Cruise Is Running. This Time From A Mummy

Michael Giacchino Scoring ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Michael Giacchino spider-man: homecoming score

I enjoyed Doctor Strange for what it was. But one thing that caught my ear was a rather familiar sound to the score. Oh, it turns out Michael Giacchino provided the score, a score which more/less sounded like Star Trek Beyond B-Sides. Well, he’s providing the score to Spider-Man: Homecoming. I’m fine with this!

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