Michael Giacchino Scoring ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Michael Giacchino spider-man: homecoming score

I enjoyed Doctor Strange for what it was. But one thing that caught my ear was a rather familiar sound to the score. Oh, it turns out Michael Giacchino provided the score, a score which more/less sounded like Star Trek Beyond B-Sides. Well, he’s providing the score to Spider-Man: Homecoming. I’m fine with this!


Get ready for lots of low-pitched fog horn sounds and drawn out waaaaamps in the new Spider-Man movie. The next reboot of the web slinging hero will be scored by the same man who handled the score for the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story adventure. Based on early trailers of the latter, the Marvel movie might be a bit bombastic in its music and have the perfect guy to pump up the more epic parts of Peter Parker’s exploits.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige accidentally let the news slip at a recent Q&A after he forgot that it wasn’t announced quite yet. At least it wasn’t massive, top secret news like who the primary villain will be or whether Tom Holland and Zendaya are going to break it down to some old school hip hop while chilling in Queens. Both very important things that the fans need to know. Giacchino confirmed the news himself on Twitter on Sunday.