Views From The Space-Ship: It Looks Fine. You Look Fine. You Look Good.


It’s another installment of Desktop Thursdays! Here, on the Precipice of Christmas, and a variety of other under marketed holidays turned excuses for consumerism. Desktop Thursday! Where I show you my world(s). Honestly — sort of a slow week for this guy. That’s okay, that’s okay. I’m allowed, I’m allowed. So come, come friends. Leap beyond the jump and check out my existence. Then, if you’re so bold, if you’re so kind, if you’re so bold-kind, share your own world(s) in the comments section.

Bruins Intro

IDK, I did Hockey Game thing with Family.


Babe Asking Me Out (2007)

No, seriously. This is a picture of my now-wife demanding a first day.

What a dummy.

Look at that shitty college apartment, too.



Us, Now!

From said Bruins game.



Man, that’s it. It’s really it. Not much documentary of my corporeal and incorporeal existi-waves this week.

What’s your world looking like?