Comic Book Legend Darwyn Cooke has passed away at 53


Frakin’ terrible, man. I don’t know Cooke’s work as well as I would like, but even still, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve consumed, and regret that which I haven’t.

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Jim Lee will be artist on ‘Suicide Square’ during DC’s “Rebirth” Relaunch, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Suicide Squad

I don’t fuck with Jim Lee. I’ve caught flack for that around these parts in the past, so let me say: I respect him, and his influence on the comic book landscape. But as far as his art? Eh. But as far as his presence on a title drawing me towards a purchase. Nah.

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William Gibson and Butch Guice dropping ‘Archangel’ for IDW in 2016.


Billy GibSon doing a fucking comic book with Butch Guice? Sign me the fuck up. It also doesn’t hurt that the synopsis portrays a comic out of its goddamn mind. Post-Apocalyptic World War II time-traveling…stuff? Okay!

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YESYESYES: Nate Simpson announces “Nonplayer’ #2 is finished


OH SWEET BABY ZEUS RIDING A UNICORN. The second issue of Nate Simpson’s Nonplayer is officially in the bag. And if that doesn’t excite you, up your fucking game. No seriously it was pretty easy to miss. But this is dope.

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Monday Morning Commute: So Happy Together


So it appears that Rendar didn’t do MMC this week! It’s okay. I love him. Bro-Love. Born out of a mutually shared origin story plucked from the depths of our Dad’s testicles. Grown deep in our Mom’s womb. Fostered by a shared diet of Soda, Video Games, Comic Books, and Rust In Peace listenings. This is a lightning warfare edition of MMC – typed (more) frantically (than usual) in-between duties on campus. ICYDK: This is the column where we share what we’re digging during a given week. Let’s dance.

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WARREN ELLIS got new comic ‘TREES’ coming from IMAGE. Jason Howard on art.


Fuggity fuck yes! Warren Ellis is getting back into the creator-owned comics game. Ellis along with Jason Howard is bringing Trees to Image, and you can probably feel the Force-ripples from my cascading dong thunder from wherever you are. While I’m pretty “meh” about his latest novel, and really “ehhhh” about Moon Knight, the author diving back into the world of his own sequential-art-creations is fantastigasm.

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Farel Dalrymple’s ‘The Wrenchies’ to drop this Fall. Waiting isn’t awesome.

The Wrenchies!!!

The Wrenchies is coming. Are coming? Grammar, man. Anyways. I’m one of those goons who didn’t come across Farel Dalrymple until his rocking work on Prophet. However, I’ve been feverishly following him since then. The talented son of a gun is releasing the aforementioned Wrenchies this Fall, and it’s going to be a brutal wait. The premise is intriguing, and the creator’s list of inspirations for the title is a veritable rundown of my favorite things.

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DC APOLOGIZES for asking aspiring artists to draw NAKED, SUICIDAL HARLEY QUINN. Ridiculous.

Face Palm.

The craziest part of this story is that none of it is from the rotting membranes of my filth-dome. DC comics really is this fucking stupid. Especially since this nonsense occurred the same week that they essentially jettisoned one of their more prominent auteur creators over stagnant, company-wide policies that allow for little growth or complexity. New 52! LOL.

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FROWN: DC’S DAN DIDIO says Heroes Shouldn’t Have Happy Lives.

Dan DiDio.

Blegh. If Dan DiDio wasn’t already coming off poorly due to the whole Batwoman fiasco last week, now he’s pretty much nailed it. You see, according to DiDio, heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. None of them.

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The hot topic in the comic book world today. The Batwoman creative team of J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman have exited the title, citing continual DC fuckery regarding the trajectory of their story lines. The most prominent complaint of theirs is that DC refused to allow Kate Kane to marry her fiancee Maggie Sawyer.

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