BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and MARCOS MARTIN tease their new project. Yes x Everything.


Pop quiz! How do you give me a boner? Oh, okay. Yes, yes, yes. Aside from showing me pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness while whispering, “All of this will be yours in a Star Wars format.” You do it by showing me a preview of the upcoming Brian K. Vaughan collaboration with Marcos Martin.

Robot 6:

Back in October, Brian K. Vaughan excited a lot of fans when he teased he was “cooking up something special” with his Doctor Strange: The Oath collaborator Marcos Martin — an artist whose work never ceases to impress — but cautioned, we’re not quite ready to announce what it is or even where we’re doing it. Stay tuned.”

Well, it appears they’re just about ready, as demonstrated by three teasers that have popped up at The BeatEntreComics and ZonaNegativa that read “Follow,” “Share” and “I Like It” We can guess from the images that it’s some sort of futuristic sci-fi adventure, but that’s all we have to go on at this point.

(via David AjaICv2)