Marvel Continues Teasing Possible ‘ULTIMATE’ Crossover In New ‘SPIDER-MEN’ Promo. 616-U?

Marvel continues to tease the tip when it comes to some sort of crossover involving both Peter Parker and the Spider-Man of their Ultimate universe. I can’t recall a time when they’ve riffed on this sort of interaction between the two universes, but if they’re going to do it they might as well do it with their best character. Yeah, that’s right. Miles Morales.

Comics Alliance:

At least one half of the… men… in  Marvel’s  Spider-Men  teaser  got revealed today, with a Spidey who appears to be  Peter Parker  in his 616 duds swinging toward the still-silhouetted figure many have assumed will be the character’s Ultimate incarnation,  Miles Morales. This assumption comes from the fact that the former  Ultimate Comics Spider-Man  team of writer  Brian Michael Bendis, artist Sara Pichelli and colorist Justin Ponsor will helm the story this June, but perhaps things aren’t what they seem? Maybe  Spider-Men  will have some nutso twist like that time 616-looking zombies faked everyone out in the  Ultimate Fantastic Four  “Crossover” storyline?