Marvel Bringing Back Original Wolverine, Bruce Banner, Jean Grey, And More With ‘Marvel Generations’

marvel generations

Marvel is bringing back what can be quantifiably considered a “fucking shitload” of legacy characters, and will be pairing them with contemporary counterparts. Folks like Wolverine, Bruce Banner, Jean Grey, and more are returning. In what is just another confusing development in the Marvel comic book world for this old man.

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Awesome: ‘Ms. Marvel’ writer G. Willow Wilson signs exclusive Marvel contract

Ms. Marvel #7.

Normally I’d be all bummed out about a creator I love signing an exclusive contract with one of the Big Two. You know. Can’t do their own thing. Playing around with someone else’s mythos. Blah blah blah. But I’m bipolar, and I’m also happy G. Willow Wilson has been rewarded for the sheer wonderful nature of her writing.

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Marvel’s ‘Dr. Strange’ wish-list includes Cumberbatch, Hardy.

Dr. Strange.

Lost awash my weekend of huffing used gym socks and playing Wolfenstein, and this week’s E3 bonanza was some more Marvel movie news. WHICH YOU WERE DYING FOR ‘CAUSE THERE HADN’T BEEN ANY IN LIKE NINE HOURS. Marvel’s wish-list for Dr. Strange has slithered out into the open, and it includes two interesting dudes.

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Howard Stark totally in Marvel’s ‘AGENT CARTER’ TV series

Howard Stark.

File this shit under: Makes Total Sense. Howard Stark is one of the co-creators of S.H.I.E.L.D. (what?) along with Peggy Carter. So it stands to reason that Mr. Stark shall be appearing on the Agent’s upcoming television show.

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‘ROCKET RACCOON #1’ poised to sell 300,000 copies. Furry Space Boner.

Rocket Raccoon.

Skottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon #1 is poised to hit the shelves with the subtlety of a bazooka-toting raccoon! Get it? Rocket Raccoon loves his weapons, and he doesn’t seem very subtle? Eh whatever. The Young-powered title is looking like it’s going to drop on the market to the tune of 300,000 copies. I think it’s safe to say that the “risky” Guardians of the Galaxy movie is going to have a built-in star when it arrives.

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Sam Humphries has signed exclusive Marvel contract

Sam Humphries.

I’m both happy and saddened by this news. Sam Humphries (Our Love Is Real) has gone Marvel-exclusive.

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MARVEL has its MOVIE UNIVERSE planned through f**king 2028


This is some Jonathan Hickman levels of plotting ahead, right here. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige (his actual title is Chief Dude of Making Disney Comic Book Billions) recently commented that Marvel has planned seriously ahead for their movie universe. Like, fourteen years ahead. Either Marvel is meticulous as fuck, Feige is just talking shit, or a little of both.

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Marvel filming 60 HOUR-LONG NETFLIX EPISODES in New York

Defenders NYC

Talk about an endeavor! Marvel is intending to film sixty fucking hour-long episodes in the City of New York. That’s a lot of episodes smelling like homeless people grilling on the grates at Times Square and pizza. Naw — just kidding — snark power down! — this is a pretty impressive attempt.

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Marvel confirms ‘BLACK WIDOW’ standalone flick in development. Cyeah!

Black Widow.

Can you dig it? I can dig it! I’m all clad in leather, a gorgeous catsuit zipped halfway down revealing my oddly shaped nipples and chest hair! But it’s for a good cause. Nay, it’s part of a celebration.

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VIN DIESEL only has ONE LINE OF DIALOGUE in ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.’ All that’s f**king needed.

Vinny Diesel

Vin Diesel only has one line in Guardians of the Galaxy. Am I sad? Not even. When you’re Big Vincent Diesel Baby, do you really need more than one line to affect the outcome of a movie? I don’t think so. When you have the hot, thunderous, deep pipes of Vinny, a mere handful of words is all you need to change the course of a movie. Or history.

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