Rumor: Dominic Cooper frontrunner for lead in ‘Preacher’ TV adaptation

Dominic Cooper

Howard Stark is going to be playing Jesse Custer? Sure! I don’t see why not.

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AMC orders pilot for ‘Preacher’ adaptation by Rogen, Goldberg, and Catlin


It ain’t HBO. So they can’t show the insane orgy-scat-fisting scene from Preacher. But they are AMC. And they’ve ordered a pilot based off of the goddamn glorious, goddamn irreverent, goddamn profane comic series.

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‘Better Call Saul’ Teaser: Vinny Gilligan spits about the lawyer

Vince Gilligan

This is a Better Call Saul teaser. Starring the show’s creator (along with co-creator Peter Gould, who I am admittedly ignoring the fuck out of here like an asshole). Perhaps this teaser’s existence is a testament to how forcefully Vince Gilligan has penetrated our Pop Culture Psyche. I mean. How many shows feel comfortable enough plugging themselves by just sort of letting the Venerated Creator babble about its premise? In a commercial? I reckon not many. And maybe even more important, it works! I’m sold. Let’s do this, Vincent.

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‘X-Files’ creator Chris Carter developing AREA 51 show for AMC.

Chris Carter.

How long after a creator’s pinnacle moment is it fair to still get excited about them? Or is it prudent? The adolescent fanboy in me is really excited that Chris Carter is doing a show based on Area 51. But then I count the years since I’ve given a fuck about anything he’s done and realize I should probably not get too excited.

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JONATHAN BANKS (“Mike Ehrmantraut”) joins ‘BETTER CALL SAUL’

Fuck yeah! Jonathan Banks is bringing the scowl-riddled hotness of Mike Ehrmantraut to the Breaking Bad prequel thing that I think all of us Blue Meth addicts are vaguely interested in.

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Frank Darabont is SUING THE SH*T out of AMC over ‘Walking Dead’ royalties.

Frank Darabont.

Seems like a lifetime ago that Frank Darabont was the happy showrunner of The Walking Dead. First his ass was fired. Now it appears said buttocks was canned in order to screw him out of royalties. Ah, show business!

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HELL YES: AMC is bringing ‘PREACHER’ to TV.


This is wonderful. AMC is bringing Preacher to the small screen. Dope. Dope, dope, dope. While it isn’t my ideal channel (HBO seems the perfect venue for angels and demons fucking, fisting orgies, and such), this is a far better idea than cramming the beast into a two-hour movie.

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FINAL ‘BREAKING BAD’ SEASON gets a premiere date. Oh shit, and a talk show!

The journey of Walter White.

Dear friends, mark your calendars. You’re going to want to specifically clear out any events that may have been planned for August 11, for that is when the final season of Breaking Bad begins.

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This Week On The Walking Dead: Arrow on the Doorpost

Two universes collide in this week’s Walking Dead 2min Redux!!! Rick and the Govna meet in a battle royale of who can capture the most smoldering intensity in a single scene. Our two favorite sweaty hairy egos match wits at the negotiating table, in a last ditch effort to avoid the carnage of total war. What’s it gonna be? Will cooler heads prevail? Find out plus more after the jump!!!
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This Week On The Walking Dead: Clear

ROAD TRIP!!! Walking Dead 2min Redux is going on a run. This week we take it back to where it all began: Rick’s little podunk town in Kentucky or wherever the hell he was from. Carl continues to come of age in a super dark way, and Michonne gets to prove her already obvious value to the group. Special psycho guest spot from our ol’ pal Morgan makes for a good time as well. So hit the 7-11, stock up on your cornuts and beef jerky, and hop in. It’s gonna be a long ride. I call shotgun! Read the rest of this entry »