AMC and Universal have announced 17-Day theatrical window agreement. 17-Days! Holy shit.

amc universal 17 day theatrical window

Perhaps expectedly, AMC and Universal have squashed their beef. But, man! The, uh, squashing is wild. The two companies have agreed to a mere 17-Day theatrical window for Universal flicks before they can go VOD.

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AMC has pushed its reopening date to July 30. Fellas, you may just want to fucking wait before choosing a date.

amc theaters reopening date july 30

AMC intended to reopen July 15. However, the chain has pushed the date to July 30. Given, you know, COVID cases fucking spiking across the country and globe. And with things absolutely fucked, I bet they have to push it back again. Might just want to hold off on a firm date, my dudes.

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‘Halt and Catch Fire’ creative team bringing new series to AMC about a rehab center and I’m sure it’ll rock

halt and catch fire rehab center

Man, I never finished Halt and Catch Fire. But, it was very, very good. And from what I’ve heard, it finished very, very, good. So, sign me the fuck up for the creative team’s next endeavor.

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James Cameron Making Documentary Series About Origins Of Sci-Fi on AMC

james cameron sci-fi documentary series amc

James Cameron! Yeah, Avatar fucking sucked. But you gave me Aliens and Terminator 2. So, with that in mind I’m inclined towards being excited about science-fiction documentary springing up out of your mind-ass.

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‘Preacher’ has been renewed for a second season; 13 episodes!


I haven’t really been watching Preacher. In my defense, I haven’t been watching much of anything. But my interactions with the show based on one of my favorite comic series of all time have been reserved when I have watched have been skeptical, and only marginally positive. I’ll watch, though! I’ll watch. And here’s hoping the show begins to find its legs, leave the fucking town already, and get weird. This season and the next.

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‘Preacher’ is premiering May 22, following ‘Fear of the Walking Dead’ midseason finale


We officially know the date when we will get to see the premiere of the Preacher adaptation. The pilot will hit the airwaves-cablewaves-digiwaves immediately following Fear of the Zombie’s Walking Shuffling Nightmare midseason finale on May 22.

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‘Halt and Catch Fire’ renewed for a third season


I gave up on Halt and Catch Fire about three episodes into its second season. Nothing against the show — which was never great, but always enjoyable. I just got sidetracked by buying a house, teaching, getting a dog, watching Mr. Robot until my eyes bleed and my bladder burst. But maybe I’ll find the wherewithal to finish its second season. ‘Cause despite shitty, shitty ratings, AMC has renewed the show.

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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is the most watched cable premiere. Ever.

Fear The Walking Dead.

By all accounts, Fear the Walking Dead‘s premiere was ass. But that doesn’t really mean anything, if the show continues to draw in such ratings. Me? I didn’t even realize it was premiering last night, nor did I care when I found out. How about you?

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Official: Dominic Cooper nabs lead in ‘Preacher’ adaptation

Dominic Cooper

Write me down as officially digging Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer. Prior to Seth Rogen’s confirmation, it was like, a theoretical enjoyment.

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AMC’s ‘Preacher’ adaptation casts its Arseface


I love the fact that there is soon going to be a character on television named Arseface.

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