Netflix’s next interactive show is ‘You vs. Wild’ where you make decisions for Bear Grylls. Cool cool cool.

netflix you vs wild

Netflix’s next interactive show is called You vs. Wild and its starring Bear Grylls. Honestly, if you can’t force him to drink his own sterilized pee and knife fight a bear, the entire thing is fucking pointless. Imo, imo.

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‘Good Omens’ casts Brian Cox as the voice of Death. Sounds good to me!

brian cox good omens death

Straight-up, I haven’t read Good Omens. I know it’s by Pratchett and Gaiman, so it’s good. However, I do know Brian Cox, that talented motherfucker. So, despite not knowing the source, I’m certain this is fantastic news.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Trailer: Teasing the Battle to End All Battles!

Pretty much all of Games of Thrones‘ season 8 promotional cycled has centered on the OMFG BIGGEST BATTLE EVER. Why would the trailer be any different?

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There is a ‘Gremlins’ animated series in development for some fucking reason

gremlins animated series

Sure, why the fuck not? Develop a Gremlin animated series. It’s not necessary, but what the fuck is these days? It’s not needed, but it can’t be any worse than half the shit out there.

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‘The Twilight Zone’ Trailer: Jordan Peele’s reimagining gets a weird, meta preview

I’m ready for this! Mind you, I won’t be signing up for CBS Access. But I will *cough* find a means to watch this promising reimagining.

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‘Barry’ Season 2 Teaser: It’s about to go off on March 31!

Praise be the Hitman Thespians of the world! Barry‘s second season finally has a release date, and I can’t wait.

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Marvel’s ‘Loki’ TV series lands ‘Rick and Morty’ writer as its goddamn showrunner. Man, this is gonna be good, ain’t it?

loki series rick and morty writer

I really, really want to not give a fuck about the Marvel shows heading to Disney’s streaming service. But, the motherfuckers don’t fight fair! I mean, a Rick and Morty writer as the showrunner? Fuck.

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‘Transformers’ animated series heading to Netflix. This could *fucking* own, my dudes!

transformers war for cybertron netflix

Man, maybe the Universe is finally dusting the turds off the Transformers franchise. Last year’s Bumblebee was genuinely one of the most fun popcorn flicks in a minute. And now? We got ourselves an animated prequel series heading to Netflix.

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Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ TV series is heading to Hulu. I’d prefer it to head to Hell

ridley scott alien tv series hulu

Well, fuck. Ridley Scott’s still on Alien bullshit. Apparently, dude is bringing a TV series to Hulu. After the last two installments, I’d prefer he launch it into the fucking sun.

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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and ‘Good Place’ creator teaming-up with Kal Pen for new series. Goddamn fuck yeah!

mike schur kal pen show

Mike Schur just fucking creates dope shows, man. The Good Place. Parks & Rec. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So, you bet your bottom fucking dollar I’m excited for his new show with Kal Pen.

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